May 13, 2014

Getting Personal: The Little Bra Company

The Little Bra Company Feature and Discount | Luci's Morsels It's time to get a little personal, but it's all for the greater good! I've never been a full chested woman and when I lost all that weight, my chest was the first to jump on board the loss. For the last year or two, I've really struggled finding bras that fit. My main problem is gaping - so much so that my crossbody bags and even car seat belts cut into the space. It's embarrassing and frustrating. For a while, I rejoiced in the freedom to not wear anything under some of my tops and embraced the bralette look and feel. But sometimes, you just need a traditional bra with all its lovely shaping and support. I eventually turned to the super pushup bras for teenagers at Target. One of them fit fantastically, but the rest gave me the typical ill-fitting result - gaping. I was over it...

And then I stumbled onto The Little Bra Company. They're an online retailer specializing in quality lingerie for smaller chested women (i.e. ladies like me)! They have everything from comfortable t-shirt bras to sexy lingerie. I found out that I was wearing the right size bra (though most women aren't), but I didn't understand what shape and style I needed.

If you're apprehensive about online bra shopping, like I was, don't be. You can call them and they'll do a fit consultation over the phone to help you find a fit and style perfect for you. It's fantastic! Below are a few simple things I learned to get you started! And TLBC is graciously offering you (and me!) 15% off through July 1, so you can find the perfect bras and lingerie!

The Little Bra Company Feature and Discount | Luci's Morsels
The most important thing with finding a bra that fits is to "do the scoop." That's not the latest dance move, I promise. When you put your bra on, lean forward and scoop your breasts into the cups. Only then can you truly fit into your bra!

One of the most important things TLBC taught me was that I'm wider set, which was why I had the gaping issue. If you can fit more than two fingers between your breasts or they tend to fall outwards, then you're wider set too. The solution? Opt for demi cups and wider bands instead of plunging bras.

If you suffer from the dreaded "side boob" (seriously the worst name ever), then you need fuller coverage.

So, the lowdown on TLBC. They specialize in smaller sizes but have so much more. They also have lovely panties and lingerie. Their products tend to run a bit smaller and that's by design. Call them if you're unsure on sizing. And it's important to keep in mind that your lingerie is 50% fit (your shape and needs) and 50% preference (comfortable and smooth vs. lacy and racy)!
The Little Bra Company Feature and Discount | Luci's MorselsThe blue lace bra ("Nicole") is by far and away the most comfortable and I love the color. The tan tshirt bra ("Julia") is great for wearing with tees (no shock there) though the black straps make it less ideal for white tees (unless you don't mind showing your straps like me). The lace graphic print bra ("Charlotte") is my favorite for providing a decent amount of oomph for everyday wear. It's comfortable and the smooth cup is nice under all my tops. The beautiful black lace bra in front ("Erin") is the oober oomph bra that is fabulous for making me look bigger, but it's not an everyday bra for sure. There is an extra removable pad that I left in at first, but soon realized it was just way too much. This bra is great for looser tops and nights out on the town!

TLBC just launched their new line earlier this month, and I'm eyeing both the "Courtney" and the "Stephanie." I also desperately need a strapless bra for summer, so the "Sascha" might need to come before anything else!

For specific fit information of each of the bras, visit their blog or call!
The Little Bra Company Feature and Discount | Luci's Morsels

And the fabulous part... 
For 15% off your purchase, enter "littlemorsels" at checkout!!

Disclosure: The Little Bra Company gifted me these bras but did not provide any additional compensation. All opinions are my own! And as always, thank you for supporting the companies that help support Luci's Morsels and help make this big dream of mine possible.

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