July 18, 2014

Cherry Recipe Roundup

I've been waiting all season for the price of cherries to drop. I love cherries and the speed with which I eat a bag doesn't justify $7 on a two-pound bag. It just doesn't. But my local market had a sale on that same bag for $3 a few weeks ago. Guess who brought home a bag of cherries! And then she proceeded to eat them all over the next few days. As I said, the cost per days survived in my house is crucial!

Because cherries are now in full blown season, with an appropriate price tag, I'm excited to try making some new recipes. I discovered in my search for today's roundup, however, that there is a shortage of entree options that really take advantage of cherries and their great flavor. If I can stop myself from eating the whole bag, I will try to change this as soon as possible.

But on a truly fabulous note. The Cherry Almond Cupcakes remind me of my favorite cupcake shop in the world in Healdsburg, CA. They have a somewhat rotating flavor call "the Local" that's almond cake with a rich fruit filling and nut-flavored frosting. I always order it. The recipe below from Stylist Quo looks almost exactly the same, so I'm sure it's delicious!!

Cherry Recipes Roundup via @lucismorsels


Luci Petlack said...

My favorite way to eat cherries is plain and fresh. I'm like you and find myself hesitating over the price just because I can eat a bag in right around two days. My favorite cherries are the sweet, red and crisp ones - no sour ones for me :)
p.s. I have to admit, that grilled cherry milkshake sounds heavenly.

Luci Petlack said...

Why haven't I done something with cherries this year. I need to change that before it's too late. Thanks for the inspiration. GREG

Luci Petlack said...

I completely understand! Let me know if you make anything. I'm so fascinated with cherry recipes as of late and there's definitely a lack of main dishes featuring the delicious fruit!

Luci Petlack said...

Yes and Yes. What would happen if we were both around a bag of cherries??? I don't even want to think about it!!