I’m Luci!

Luci is the creator and voice behind Luci’s Morsels. She is a wife, mother, and daughter. Passionate about living happily and sustainably, Luci shares her journey through making long-lasting choices for style, food, travel, and family. She seeks to make a sustainable lifestyle stylish and doable for everyone, especially women!

Women’s Sustainable Lifestyle

LM was created in 2012 when Luci was in her fourth (of five) year of a PhD program in American history. Turning to baking as an at-home therapy of sorts, Luci created Luci’s Morsels, which quickly went from a baking to everything women’s lifestyle. As Luci has grown and changed, so has LM!

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Luci lives in jeans. Denim is comfortable, flattering, and feels good. Besides a love for jeans, she’s attracted to classic styles and traditional silhouettes.

Through her style decisions, she understands the need to slow down consumption of fashion and fast fashion at that. Her wardrobe is full of long-lasting pieces (both in terms of quality and style).

You’ll see items again and again (and hopefully again)!


Growing up in the kitchen with her mom making dinner and baking up cookies year-round, Luci watched her can fruit and make jam. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about balance – a balance that works for you.

Just like her style, Luci’s cooking is approachable, fun, and emphasizes whole ingredients that are good for you and good for the earth.

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As we work to make long-lasting decisions that make life a little simpler and help the earth stay beautiful, LM is a place to share ideas and get inspiration.

Whether it’s an emphasis on rewearing clothes, cooking with whole ingredients, learning how to cloth diaper, creating clean beauty or nontoxic cleaning routines, or learning how to be mindful of local economies when traveling, Luci hopes LM will be your go-to source for stylish sustainability in all its facets! 

You’ll see items again and again (and hopefully again)!

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