My Initial Crunchi Skincare Review

Crunchi Review Skincare

I’m in the market for Beautycounter replacements. Many people recommended Crunchi as an ideal replacement – a skin care and makeup line that’s just as clean, sustainable, and expansive in terms of products. I just got my first products last week, and I wanted to share my initial Crunchi review based on a bit of research and now trying some of the products.

With the announcement of production and availability pause on all Beautycounter products in May, many of us have been calmly scrambling to find non toxic beauty brands that we love as much as our (truly beloved) Beautycounter.

When Crunchi was brought up, I had no idea what people were talking about – I’d never seen it or even heard the name, so I was intrigued. Just like Beautycounter, their skincare and makeup are consciously created with strict clean beauty standards in mind.

The name is a little funky and their streamlined black and white packaging doesn’t initially spark that luxurious feeling I was used to with Beautycounter, but things were getting serious as I started running out of my charcoal face mask and brightening serum…

Crunchi Review Skincare

Crunchi Review

Without getting too into the weeds here, I just want to quickly go over the key points of concern before we get to some real life (honest) reviews of Crunchi products and brand.

Crunchi doesn’t use any ingredient that is known to cause harm or heath hazards. They have rigorous testing for every ingredient used in products. There are no synthetic fragrances, no talc, no retinol, and the entire line is cruelty free. Nearly the entire line is vegan as well.

Almost all products are in glass and aluminum packaging. Caps and pumps are made of plastic when necessary, but this is a massive reduction in plastic use and limits the amount of products we need to send to makeup recycling. And, just like BC, they have recycling/disposal instructions on every product page!

And in terms of the efficacy of the products. Crunchi uses the highest amount of active ingredients clinically proven to be effective without being irritating to skin, so their products are designed to GET THE JOB DONE!!

Ok. So let’s get to this Crunchi product review…

Crunchi Pricing Review

A quick note here because I know that Beautycounter was not inexpensive. I always try to share sales and bargains with anybody who shops with me or talks to me, but nevertheless, the price is a point to bring up. I felt comfortable sharing their products, however, because I’d never tried anything better. It was all worth every penny.

So, at first glance, Crunchi is comparable price-wise to Beautycounter. But here’s the caveat – some of their items are similarly priced for a smaller sized container. I haven’t looked into every single product, so maybe there are examples of them offering larger product sizes than the BC equivalent, but I haven’t seen any. Just a heads up!

Use Code ADVOCATE10 for 10% off and free shipping over $50 on your first order. Saving money already!

Crunchi Review Skincare

3 Crunchi Products Review

So, just like with Beautycounter, the first product to get me to make a purchase was a charcoal mask. It was just released last week, so this is a new product for them!

In my first order, I picked out the charcoal mask and the Bright Balanced Duo that includes their brightening serum and their I Am Luminous Facial oil. While I was a big fan of BC’s mask and brightening serum (see more about skin brightening products), I never liked their brightening face oil because it was so citrusy.

Side note: Everyone else I know loved that scent, but I have a funny thing about citrus scents.


A few things to note about the charcoal mask. It is a gel formula – nothing like I’ve seen before. You MUST shake the container before using it – A LOT. It’s weird because it sounds like liquid in there, but it comes out in a creamy-like consistency.

The mask goes on like a gel. It doesn’t dry, harden, or crack. It’s cooling on the skin. And the BEST PART is how easily it comes off. The only complaint I ever had about the BC charcoal mask was that it took a lot of water (and a bit of a mess) to get it off. This one comes off easily and works nicely. So, I’m pleasantly surprised with this one so far.


As someone who struggled with hyperpigmentation during and after pregnancy, I’m now hyper-aware of sun spots, especially in the summer when I’m outside (yes, with my favorite sunscreen on everyday). With my BC vitamin c serum running out recently, I knew this I Am Bright Vitamin C Facial Serum was going to be one of the first products I tried.

A few people mentioned not liking the scent of this product. There really isn’t a scent, per se. I mean, you can smell the product (almost clinical or medical if that makes sense), but I don’t find it offensive. It just doesn’t lend itself to that luxurious skincare experience.

The first time I used this, I used it after the vitamin c face toner I still have from BC, and I felt tingling on my upper cheeks – where I tend to see my sun spots first. My skin was also a little dry, so maybe a bit sensitive. The feeling dissipated within the hour. It wasn’t ever painful either, but I was definitely aware of the active ingredients…and I started noticing a more even, brighter skin tone within the first week of use!!!

If you couldn’t get enough of the All Bright Vitamin C serum, then you’ll like the efficacy of this vitamin c serum.


As I mentioned above, the BC face oil was never a favorite of mine. Well, actually, their previous face oils were lovely, but the All Bright oil smelled super citrusy and that wasn’t my jam.

I do, however, LOVE face oils, so the I Am Luminous Facial Oil (part of this duo from Crunchi) was the next obvious product to try. I opened up the bottle quickly to see what it smelled like, and I was in love. The main ingredient is sweet almond oil, which I adore.

This face oil has that luxurious skincare experience. I also love that because it isn’t vitamin c, I can easily use it morning and/or night! So this is another one I’m loving so far.

Crunchi Review Skincare - Charcoal mask

Charcoal Mask Benefits

A quick note about charcoal mask benefits. Charcoal masks are designed to “remove impurities,” but that actually happens on a few levels.

  1. It can minimize pore size by helping clean out the ‘gunk’ that pores love to hold onto.
  2. It helps clean off the skin, making it feel softer and smoother.
  3. The two above items actually make your skin better able to absorb products making your serums and moisturizers that much more effective.

You absolutely don’t need oily or acne-prone skin to benefit greatly from the benefits of a charcoal mask.

Beautycounter – Crunch Product Crossover

So for those of you fellow Beautycounter lovers, you’re likely just as interested in Crunchi as I was. Depending on what products you were using, here is a complete& list of the Crunchi products to replace the Beautycounter skincare lines. Obviously it isn’t an exact replacement since the brands are different, but here’s generally how to get started.

They also have a skin quiz to help you get just the right products.

COUNTERTIME REPLACEMENTS (the pink collection)

Countertime Collection → Youth Activating Skincare Routine
Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil*
Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence → Clarilight Facial Essence
Tripeptide Radiance Serum → Goldenlight Multipeptide Facial Serum​
Antioxidant Soft Cream → Daylight Advanced Facial Cream​
Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream → Nightlight Advanced Facial Cream​
Ultra Renewal Eye Cream → Powerlight Eye Cream

COUNTERMATCH REPLACEMENTS (the white collection)

Countermatch Regimen → Firm Up Complete Skincare Routine​
Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser → Gentle Facial Bar​
Countermatch Hydra-Gel Radiance Toner → Clarilight Facial Essence
Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum → Goldenlight Multipeptide Facial Serum
Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion → Daylight Facial Cream​
Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream → Nightlight Facial Cream​
Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream → Powerlight Eye Cream

ALL BRIGHT REPLACEMENTS (the yellow collection)

All Bright Duo → Bright & Balanced Duo​
All Bright Facial Oil → I AM Luminous Facial Oil​
​All Bright Serum → I AM Bright Vitamin C Facial Serum

Use Code ADVOCATE10 for 10% off and free shipping over $50 on your first order.

*Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil – My most beloved Beautycounter product probably, this product doesn’t have a direct replacement in Crunchi’s lines. They do have a balm and two facial bars (gentle and clarifying) for cleansers. See this double cleanse duo

Crunchi Review Skincare

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