My Favorite Organic Cotton Underwear

Ok. It’s time to get a little personal…Undies are a very personal thing and we all have personal tastes in the styles, cuts, and colors we wear. I am a cotton undie kind of gal – a cotton thong undie kind of gal to be specific and I’ve found the best organic cotton underwear out there!

Here’s the thing. It’s hard to find decent ladies cotton underwear – organic or otherwise. For a long time, I bought the 5 for $20 or whatever deal at Victoria’s not so Secret. They had cotton thongs and they were perfect as far as I was concerned at the time. Then, one day, they were gone – replaced by lace things, polyester parts, and all the things I want zero of in my undies.

And so began a few years of trying to find cotton undies that weren’t just bulk package, brief, not my style kinds of things.

When I started getting into sustainable fashion and sustainable living, little did I know that I would find organic cotton underwear that were the undies I’d been spending years looking for.

I’ve tried a few brands of sustainable underwear – click that link to read my full reviews of them, but I only buy one of those brands now – religiously – SUBSET.

Best Organic Cotton Underwear

Organic Cotton Underwear

So while you might know organic strawberries are safer, does organic matter for your undies? Well, yeah. I go more into it in this post on organic women’s clothing, but in a nutshell, organic farming (cotton comes from farms) uses no synthetic pesticides, uses about 90% less water, and is better for the earth and dirt in the long run – not to mention your lovely bum that it’ll be touching!

Is SUBSET the only organic cotton underwear company? No, there are a number of them, but they are the best quality I’ve tried. Others had unraveling seams and general deterioration with each wear – NO. THANK. YOU.

Organic Cotton Underwear

One of the things I like most about these organic cotton underwear (besides being organic and well-made) is the variety in which they come. They have 11 cuts for women’s undies from low rise thong to high rise briefs and shorties. Each style comes in a host of colors and matching bralettes.

One more thing. SUBSET is the company that offer free recycling for all undergarments – no matter the brand, gender, or status (besides being clean). You can fill out the info here to get a prepaid shipping label. When they receive your shipment, you’ll get $25 to spend on new organic cotton underwear! See a few other options for what to do with old underwear!

Don’t forget the best way to wash your lingerie to keep your items lovely and wearable for much longer.

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