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If you’re looking for ways to shop local but aren’t ready to venture forth OR many of the local businesses aren’t back open yet, try to shop local on Etsy!

It took me a long time to fall in love with Etsy. My sister figured it out easily. She can curate an entire party/dinner in no time – just look at my Paris Bridal Party! I, on the other hand, would wander for a few pages after an apparently too vague search only to give up.

Shop Local on Etsy

While I’m still not the best, I’ve gotten better at being more specific in my searches. I also recently found out how you can shop locally on Etsy, by narrowing down the location, which is really helpful.

If you start on the general search page, or after you’ve searched for the specific product you’re looking for in the search bar, scroll down (on the left side on desktop) in the filters to “Shop location.” You can select “anywhere,” “United States,” or put in a custom location.

Enter your state or city/town. I searched Sacramento and was overwhelmed with how many places I found! I’m sharing five fun ones I discovered, but give your state or town a shot!

Besides shopping locally for myself, I’ve also been trying to shop local for gift recipients on Etsy. In other words, shopping their local restaurants/artisans if we don’t live nearby. Instead of searching Sacramento or California, I put in their city or state!

I do want to note, I did have to look over a number of ads amidst the listings, but I think the ads were from local shops as well, so that wasn’t really a problem in the end.

Also, many Etsy shops have their own websites. If they aren’t listed in their Etsy page, you can just search for them online and see if they sell anywhere else!

Interestingly Amazon has also started a local, handmade shop, but as is it’s still fairly new, there aren’t a lot of great options just yet. So I’m sticking to shopping local on Etsy for the time being.

Etsy also offsets carbon emissions for all of its deliveries. You can read more about it here, but it’s amazing that such a huge, WORLDWIDE online company is doing something so great for the globe! Their headquarters are also powered 100% by renewable energies.

With enough searching you can even find inexpensive designer dupes by local/eco makers!!

Leather Hair Wrap - Shop Local on Etsy

Lykos Leather

Lykos Leather primarily makes leather and metal wares inspired by Norse History and Tradition. In addition to serving dishes and jewelry, they also sell these “hair beads” in a variety of sizes.

I’m not exactly sure what size would be best for my hair, but I’m thinking the large. They also have small sizes for beards and dreads!

Upcycled yarn tassel garland in pinks/browns- shop local on etst

Ramen Hands

Joan’s store RamenHands does yarn tassel wall hangings and garlands from upcycled yarn. She also ships in recycled materials. I absolutely love this terra cotta color scheme on her wood bead garland!

And judging by her Instagram, I may run into her at a coffee shop one of these days – another fun quirk to shopping local on Etsy!

Delicate Industry - Cameo Brooches - Etsy

Delicate Industry

Delicate Industry makes a variety of jewelry pieces with cameos, gemstones, and various metals. The gemstone rings and studs look well-made and versatile, but the cameo pieces – especially the brooches – are what really caught my eye.

Brooches come in styles ranging from skeletons and flowers to an African series of women’s profiles – the details of which look exquisite!

Luci’s Morsels

Yep, I’m on there too – as Luci’s Morsels (not tricky at all over here). If you’re an Etsy lover, you’ll know that it’s a great, dependable place for goodies, so I’ve added my seasonal recipe collections as well as my DIY labels!

Kozy Kate Designs

Kozy Kate Design‘s shop is full of chunky knit blankets of all sizes and it so many colors! All products are cruelty free.

And this dark green is catching my eye like nobody’s business these days.

Ginger Taylor Candles Sacramento

Ginger Taylor Candles

If gorgeous (and I mean intricately gorgeous) candles is your jam (and how could these not be?), you’ll love Ginger Taylor Candles.


And, finally, a fun ceramic store that offers personalized items, including napkin rings, flower vases, decorative rocks, and spoon rests.

By the way, if you have any broken ceramic, check out this post on repairing broken pottery!

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