Best Straw Hats

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I’ve always loved the look of straw hats and bags, but the flimsiness of the materials and items always deterred me – oh, not to mention the fraying aspect. When I discovered the brand for the best straw hats and purses, however, I now can’t get enough.

The gorgeous hat above is the Margot Hat!

Best Straw Hats and Purses

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Best Straw Hats

Ok, so here’s the thing – Eric Javits makes the best straw hats and purses. They’re actually made from their patented Squishee material which looks exactly like straw, but is made of recycled plastic! #swoon

You may be thinking that doesn’t count as straw, but hear me out…

So my mom bought me my first Eric Javits purse before my trip to Italy in 2013 – 11 years ago. I still have that same bag – see it in my Ireland packing list. Yep, 13.5 years later, it’s still my international travel purse – summer or winter! And the hats are made with the same material. They’re also UPF 50 (good sun protection) and many of them have an elastic band to keep the hat on your head!

Best Straw Hats and Purses

Why are Eric Javits’ products the best straw hats and purses? In no particular order…

  • classic elegance
  • packable – squishable
  • water resistant – since it’s made from recycled plastic, it can get a little wet with no problems
  • long lasting (I’m 13.5 years in on my first bag!)
  • wonderfully well made with cotton lining and pocket, sturdy hardware, etc.

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Best Straw Hats and Purses

Best Straw Purses

Ok, so I know we’re talking about hats, but I really have to share how great the purses are. I have a few styles from them – gifted from my mom, gifted from the brand, and a few items I bought on my own – I TOLD YOU I LOVED THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

You can see from these photos how easy it is to dress them up and down! I jsut can’t get over how functional they are. Or rather, how elegant they are. Or maybe how durable they are.

They really are the best straw hats and purses!

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Best Straw Hats and Purses

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