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How to Wear Long Shirts w. Leather Jacket and Jeans - Leather Jacket Outfits

Do you remember when I shared the “phenomenon” of ReWear Wednesday back in March? Well I discovered another similar practice at the same time, breaking down outfit repeating – or in other words, counting the wears of every item in your closet. And all my black leather jacket outfits is the best way to start.

That sounds crazy, right? But somehow people are keeping tabs on how many times they wear a shirt, a pair of pants, shoes, etc. 

My closet is still far too big to start counting my clothes wears. And I don’t have the time or energy to start the practice just yet (maybe ever?). I do love the idea of being aware of how much you wear something, however, so hear me out on this…

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Leather Jacket Outfits

A few years ago, I was chatting with a dear friend about Luci’s Morsels. She commented that she loved how I rewore a few of the same things over and over again. I think she mentioned the very jacket I shared in that ReWear Wednesday post. My husband got it for my PhD graduation and it quickly became a constant in my world.

At the time, it didn’t mesh with what I perceived being a successful fashion blogger to be, but I knew she was right. Seeing someone wear the same piece again and again was great for inspiration. And it is exactly how I dress in real life (outfit repeating rather regularly).

Even before I got into a tizzy about sustainability, I relished in outfit repeating – with my white blazer outfits and my olive green military jacket rewears.

Realizing the items I reached for again and again was how I really honed in on knowing my style!

I’ve also since reconsidered that idea of success in my field. Fashion blogging as it stands isn’t good for the environment. I’m working to change my ways toward a life filled with more sustainable fashion choices.

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As I’ve gotten older (Grandma Luci over here), I’ve accepted that I (and most others) are outfit repeaters by nature. We might not have all the same pieces together in a look every time, but there are those pieces in our closet we reach for again and again!

So while I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn this black jacket (though the number is high and it has 100s of wears left in my life), I know it’s been worth every penny.

Cute Pregnancy Outfit - Maxi Dress and Leather Jacket - Leather Jacket Outfits

On the flip side, I can also look in my closet and point out the items I’ve only worn once or a handful of times. Despite the fact that I love the item or that I’ve owned it for quite some time, it just doesn’t get worn.

With this in mind, I’m trying to eliminate those items from my closet. It’s a slow process for sure, but I’m accepting what I really don’t wear and giving it away to someone who will hopefully get tens or hundreds of wears out of it (whether they’re counting wears or not)!

I also really try to abide by the one-in-one-out closet method to maintain my minimalist wardrobe and prevent my closet from getting too big!

And when I’m looking for anything to add to my wardrobe, I really take a minute to think how much wear I’ll get out of it. Is it a one-time thing? Just this season or for only one kind of event? Or is this the next thing to get worn about a billion times?

Maternity Dress Outfit with Leather Jacket - Leather Jacket Outfits

The thing about outfit repeating or piece rewearing is that the piece doesn’t have to be fancy or a “forever piece.” Anything can be a reworn piece. You can easily transform a cozy hoodie into a dressed up sweatshirt outfit fit for meeting up with friends or a casual work situation.

Or wear a shirtdress as a dress one day and as a jacket the next (see my favorite shirt dress outfit here – worn as outerwear and in my sustainable fashion collection – worn as a dress).

How to Wear Long Shirts w. Leather Jacket and Jeans

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  1. 5 stars
    I have been reading your Luci’s Morsels for years now!
    My younger daughter Claire (30 years old now) told me about it. From your recommendation, I purchased a Samsonite pocketbook/with backpack option. That was in 2019. I bought it for a trip to Paris that my older daughter Mae ( CEO of Obviously) took me on in 2019! I still use it daily. I can not give up on it, it does everything a bag should do…and oh the compartments!
    My question now is one about Samsonite’s Baby Bag.
    Did you use it? Do you recommend it? Do you have another Baby Bag recommendation if Samsonite is not you good-to recommendation!

    1. Hi Maureen! Oh gosh. I LOVE everything about this! I love my Samsonite backpack (the black laptop one you’ve likely seen over and over again on LM) and our luggage. It’s all just fabulous and functional!! With that said, NO, I would absolutely not recommend that convertible backpack as a baby bag. Sadly the single snap on the back just doesn’t hold up to life (let alone parenting life).

      We ended up going with a Product of the North backpack from Nordstrom (updated version here: It wasn’t as sleek, but it was easy and great. There weren’t so many pockets that there wasn’t room for whatever our life needed. We got a dark blue, so my husband happily wore it as necessary. It was perfect for us. If you don’t go that route, I would just encourage you to find one that doesn’t have every space slotted for something in particular. We’d planned to breastfeed and ended up pumping and bottle feeding and those space requirements were totally different than expected. It ended up not mattering with this backpack though!

      If you have any other product questions, please do let me know!! Thank you so, so much for the longtime support. It means the world to me!



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