The Little Bra Company Review

The Little Bra Company Review - Best Bras for Small Busts

Let’s just start by saying…I feel uncomfortable with these photos – it felt weird taking them, but the cause is greater than my despair. So, we’re moving on with my The Little Bra Company review and love story…

For a long, long time I struggled with finding the perfect bra. Scratch that. I’ve struggled to find a bra that fits. I’m usually a 34A, so I often can’t walk into a store and ask for a bra – they don’t carry my size.

When I’ve found them, they usually have no support, rarely an underwire, and one little tiny hook in the back. And when I find the diamond in the ROUGH, I usually still struggle with gapping. Let me just tell you that when your purse straps and seat belts cut into that space on a regular basis, you want to cuss everyone out.

Ok, and finally (I told you I was passionate about this). Oftentimes bras made for my smaller cup size are also made for petite women (i.e. not me). I’m “wide-set,” so most bras try to force me into a space that doesn’t correlate with the shape of my body.

When I finally found a bra for small busts THAT OFFERS STYLES FOR WIDE SET LADIES, I was ecstatic. Enter The Little Bra Company (TLBC)

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Small Bra Sizes

The most important thing with finding a bra that fits is to “do the scoop.” That’s not a dance move. When you put your bra on, lean forward and scoop your breasts into the cups. Only then can you truly fit into your bra!

TLBC is actually where I learned that I’m wider set, which was why I’ve struggled with the gapping issue. If you can fit more than two fingers between your breasts or they tend to fall outwards, then you’re wider set too. The solution? Opt for demi cups and wider bands instead of plunging bras.

Additionally TLBC has their site organized by close-set and wider-set shapes to make it even easier for you to find the right bra!! Find your right size with their bra fit calculator! Even us small bra sizes aren’t all built the same!

The Little Bra Company Review - Best Bras for Small Busts

The Little Bra Company vs. ThirdLove

For those of you who have been following me for years, you may remember that I shared TLBC a few years ago. I’ve been buying my bras exclusively from them since.

When new companies offering bras in all sizes and shapes came on the scene, I tried one to see if there were more options out there.

I tried ThirdLove (the one that I heard SO much about). What showed up was a bra that fit, but offered little support, no padding, and was just rather basic. I returned it and bought my favorite black Yvonne bra from TLBC instead!

So here’s a rundown on solving some the traditional ill-fitting bra problems as well as my favorite styles from The Little Bra Company and a TLBC discount code to get you started!

How to fix “side boob”?

If you suffer from the dreaded “side boob” (seriously the worst name ever), then you are also wider set and need fuller coverage, so don’t skimp!

Why I love The Little Bra Company? They specialize in smaller sizes but understand that not all of us who are small busted are shaped the same way – you know, because we’re human.

They offer a lot of helpful information on figuring out if you’re wearing the right size, but you can also email or call them if you need more help!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE ALONE!

And since lingerie (specifically bras) is 50% fit (your shape and needs) and 50% preference (comfortable and smooth vs. lacy and racy), they offer ALL of the above. I love getting my basic, everyday bras from them as well as some fun one that have more details and a pop of color!

Best TLBC Bras for Wider Set

Ok, so obviously these are my preferences, but you might find it helpful. I have three everyday bras from The Little Bra Company.

My absolute favorite, mentioned above, is the Yvonne bra. It’s comfortable, provides good padding, and offers good support. I actually have it in black and nude. I’m on my 3rd or 4th of the one in black – it’s my go to.

Last year, I discovered the Lenna demi-cup bra. The copper orange color is swoon worthy and the bra is another perfect layering piece!

And when I need a strapless, I wear the Sascha Smooth in nude. I did have to size up to a 36A in this style this last time –  otherwise, I am a 34A in every single style fit for my shape.

My three “exciting” bras – I’m big on black and nude as you can tell – are the Francesca, the Carol, and the Elsie.

The Francesca bra is burgundy and has lots of lace. I think it’s so incredibly comfortable and does manage to give me a bit extra oomph! Sadly, I just realized I need to reorder that one. I’ve worn it is too much! 

The Mona is a beautiful periwinkle color that’s just the right pop of color in the summer, I think! It doesn’t have a ton of padding, which is great from time to time!

Any my latest obsession is the Elsie bra, which is a beautiful black lace bra with great support and boost! It’s definitely in the “sexy bra” category!

flatlay of 4 bras on white sheet

The Little Bra Company Discount Code

Ok. So, depending on what you need, TLBC has everything you need if you have a smaller bust! And you can get 10% off your order with code “lucismorsels,” so now is the best time to try out one (or more) of their bras!

How to Wash Bras

Bras are made of stretchy, delicate materials. To keep them shapely and lasting longer, make sure you’re washing your bras correctly!

Recycling Bras

If your bras are ready to be moved along, you can learn about recycling bras and undergarments. TLBC has partnered with The Bra Recyclers to give you 15% off your next order when you recycle your bras!

The Little Bra Company Review - Best Bras for Small Busts

Thank you to The Little Bra Company for sending me these bras to review. All opinions are my own.

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