Spring Capsule Wardrobe Basics

How to Wear a White Blazer - Outfit Ideas

Spring and summer the seasons we always want to buy new for. There’s a release from the cold of winter, and we’re ready for new, lightweight. This is also my go to time to starting putting away my winter clothes storage and pulling out the warmer pieces! Or pieces for warmer weather, really. So here is my basics list of what your spring capsule wardrobe needs. See first what you have and then begin to fill in from there!

And since I’m all about investing in clothing to wear again and again, let’s get to the necessities…

Spring Capsule Wardrobe & Outfit Ideas

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring fashion (and fall for that) are so fun because you can play with layers without having to overdo it. It’s a fun game, I think. And this season, you almost get two outfits in one because you will inevitably have to add/remove layers at least once per day!

Remember with any capsule wardrobe – spring, summer, fall, or winter – you need to make it work for you – not just what the store or blogger is saying. Below are what I consider to be Spring capsule wardrobe necessities. Somethings will be slightly different for you (maybe a different cut or color) and some may just totally not work.

For the latter, read what I’m using each item for and amend that item accordingly.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe - Jean Jacket

Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are the quintessential layer for layering and you know I’m a fan. Don’t be afraid to wear it with denim bottoms in addition to layering with dresses!

Cardigan Sweater

The slightly elevated and nicely cozy cardigan sweater is a must. I’m a fan in beige or black, but any color will do here that works for you and your wardrobe!

I’m starting with the layers as they’re so important in spring. A nice cardigan and a jean jacket are the layers I think you need. Whether it’s over long sleeves or tanks, they’re such crucial items to always have on hand!

This classic denim jacket is made with 25% recycled polyester (you know I love recycled products). For a jean jacket with slight distress, try this Merly jacket – sleek and designed to fit more body shapes!

Amour Vert has some great cardigans in a variety of hues and knits. See their collection here. This black cashmere one is a classic option, but I also love this chunkier knit.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe - Maxi or Midi Dress

Midi/Maxi Dress

A dress to dress up or wear wine tasting is a must. You can opt for a longer length and then easily layer underneath until it warms up. Any sleeve length is great, but this is a fun time for long sleeves.

Button Down Shirt

Button Up Shirt

I’m always down for a button up shirt. While a great formal top as well as a lovely balance for loose fitting jeans, button ups (or downs!) are also a nice outer layer for covering your arms without overheating!

For button up shirts, I’m a fan of cotton and linen, but you could absolutely do any material you most like. Remember, you do YOU!


A year round staple, the perfect tee is a must. I’ve found a few favorites in the last few years as well. I can’t live without a white and black tee – and now navy!


This is an open book for you! I love a good pair of skinny jeans and a slightly looser pair (worn elegantly with a more tailored top). Lighter colors of denim are also a great option this season.

For cotton tshirts, my go tos at the moment are the Conrad tee (and not just because it’s my kiddo’s name), but it’s a great shirt available in a slew of colors. The sleeves are a bit longer than most, so I love to cuff them (seen in the picture above). My other recent find is the Berkeley tee (my alma mater!) – also available in a striped version.

Both tees are organic cotton clothing and well made shirt!

And then jeans. I usually recommend two styles of pants per season. I have more, I won’t lie to you, but I think there are certain cuts and styles that lend themselves better to each season.

For your spring capsule wardrobe basics, I say a skinny or straight leg and a looser fit (whatever you like).

I’ve already been pulling out my summer jeans. They’re looser, but not baggy; straight cut but not constricting.

How to Wear a Beret Outfit like the French


Tis the season for ankles! I love a good pair of flats. Whether they’re ballerina flats or something more like an oxford shoe, get a good, comfortable option you can wear with jeans and dresses!

Sarah Flint Sandals

Wedge Sandals

I’m here to argue you need more than one pair of perfect sandals for the summer – one that’s a bit more functional (for some walking in hot weather) and another cuter, elevated option.

These sustainable wedges are perfect (and available in two heights). And for an elegant heeled sandal, opt for Italian-made crisscross sandals! Use code SARAHFLINT-CCLUCI for 15% off any Sarah Flint shoe – see my Sarah Flint review!

I do live in Birkenstocks most days, see my picks for the Best Birkenstocks for summer and get some style inspiration in this Birkenstock Mayari Outfit and my quintessential Birkenstocks Outfit

Spring Capsule Wardrobe - Hat

A Great Hat

And, just like shoes, more than one hat is good in my book. I’m a longtime lover of Eric Javits straw hats. They’re so well made – I’ve had mine for years and they looks just as good today as when I got them! And made of 97% recycled materials.

daybird skincare reviews

Tinted SPF

Just as important as your clothes and accessories in your spring capsule wardrobe is protecting your beautiful skin. You can bet I’ll have the best clean tinted moisturizer SPF 50 on EVERY. DAY – all year round! And you should too! See more non toxic sunscreens.

Check out one of my go to summer hats from Eric Javits – this striped hat is elegant and protects you from the sun! This boater hat is complete with dainty black tie (so cute)!! Use my code LUCISMORSELS10OFF for $10 off your Eric Javits purchase!

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

  • jean jacket
  • cardigan sweater
  • long dress
  • tshirts
  • button down shirt
  • jeans
  • wedge sandals
  • flats
  • a great hat

Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe

The best part about every single spring essential above is that they’ll be great for travel if you do it right. When shopping for any pieces your current wardrobe is missing (remember to keep your closet size in check), aim for items you can see wearing casually, dressed up, and while traveling!

Minimalist Spring Outfits

And check out these fall capsule wardrobe essentials, my winter capsule wardrobe must-haves, and the 9 items in my summer capsule wardrobe! You’ll see a number of repeated items between the seasons.

Sustainable Fashion

Want more sustainable fashion? One of the best ways to live sustainably is to rewear pieces again and again!

Check out these black leather jacket outfits, poncho outfits, what to wear with linen pants for day to night, and 4 ways to wear a black button down!

You’ll also want to check out this list of second hand clothing from brands you love, my tips for creating (and maintaining) a minimalist wardrobe, why you should always buy quality clothes (because then you’ll always have something to wear), and these stylish and sustainable shoe companies!

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