How to Wash Lingerie

Here I am talking about undergarments again, but these things are actually quite important, you know? You do. I know you do. So once we talked about sustainable underwear brands, it only makes sense that we need to talk about how to wash lingerie – all of it.

Regardless of the undergarment type and brand you buy, you should be taking care of it properly. Never fret, it really isn’t a lot of work.

Along the lines of should you wash your jeans come questions such as how often should you wash your lingerie? And how? Bras? And what about undies? What cycle? Temp? Dryer settings? It’s a lot.

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How to Wash Your Bras

I think bras are the scarier washing situation. And I think it’s because if you’re buying a good bra, they aren’t cheap!!!

But I will be the first person to encourage you to only buy the best when it comes to this department.

I still am only buying bras from The Little Bra Company {Use LUCISMORSELS at checkout for 10% off}. They’re the best for small busts – in all shapes. And they actually provide support.

Ok. So you’re buying quality undergarments. Time to wash them. Or is it?

How Often to Wash Bras

I actually know the answer to this one! I learned it from working with the Little Bra Company years ago. Bras should be washed only when they smell as though they need to – I wash my bras way more in summer than winter.

Obviously if you have some sweaty wears, then the time will come sooner than later. But you DON’T need to wash them after every wear.

Do You Need a Wash Bag?

I think you do. The washing machine is truly a scary place for clothes. I mean, just think about what you’ve put in there and what comes out! Your delicates (top and bottom) need some love and protection. I’ve also had too many tangle of bra straps and tank top straps to even talk about!

For your bras, close the hooks on the tightest settings (or a set you don’t actively use) – this will ensure they don’t twist.

Add bras to mesh bag – you can certainly do 2 or 3 in the bag together if there is room.

Add to wash cycle. Yep, I wash my bras with the rest of our clothes, BUT we wash all of our clothes with COLD WATER, on a standard wash (i.e. not heavy duty), and with a gentle laundry soap (see all my favorite non toxic cleaning supplies)!

Any other lingerie besides bras and underwear can be done in these settings as well – in the bag, on cold water, with a delicate soap. You can wash them alone if you’re concerned, or a good hand wash in the sink (with cold water and delicate soap) is always a good option!

How to Wash Your Undies

I’m not quite as diligent about my undies, but I don’t own undies with lace or mesh trim, so if you do, then go the mesh bag route. My sustainable undies are durable enough for a regular wash with these precautions…

Yes, you should wash your undies after every wear!

And, yes, you want to use cold water and a gentle soap!

How to Wash Bras + Underwear To Last Longer

How Should You Dry Lingerie

Ohhhh the Dryer. I do actually love the convenience of a dryer, but to be honest, it’s the biggest contributor to clothes breaking down faster.

If you’re going to buy quality clothes to last season after season, including lingerie, then do everything you can to keep them in good condition. Your dryer ain’t it!

Truly, with every garment you own, you should probably air dry them.

We only have a small drying rack at the moment, however, so I get all kinds of choosy as to what air dries and what can handle the dryer.

Ok, so remove your washed lingerie garments from the mesh bag and hang them to dry or lay them flat to dry and you’ll be all good to go.

How to Wash Lingerie To Last Longer

When the time comes to part ways with your undergarments, check out these ways to recycle and donate undergarments.

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