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I’m a California girl with her PhD. I love jeans, iced coffee, homemade food, and smart humor. Luci’s Morsels is about fashion, food, and frivolity – all from an approachable and fun perspective...

Luci's Morsels - Fashion. Food. Frivolity. Los Angeles Denim Blogger

I started this blog in early 2012. I was in my fourth (of five) years in my PhD program and on my way to becoming a college professor and author of nineteenth century black history. As I made through all the research and writing, I turned to baking for a cheap therapy of sorts. Because my boyfriend (now fiancé) and I couldn’t eat that much dessert, I started selling baked goods (morsels) and created a blog to go along with it (hence the name Luci’s Morsels). After a few days, I knew I wanted to add more types of content and the definition of a morsel broadened to include all the little things that make me happy.

A few months later, I taught my first class and realized that my plan of being a college professor was no longer what I wanted. I graduated a year later and instead of the planned career in a university setting, I entered a new world of blogging and social media. I’m very fortunate to call this my job and am so excited for whatever my future holds.

Luci's Morsels - Fashion. Food. Frivolity. Los Angeles Denim Blogger

I live in my jeans – plain and simple. Denim is comfortable, flattering, and it makes me feel good. While jeans are historically casual, I think they have a wide range of versatility from Friday Night Cocktails to Sunday Morning Brunch. I dress denim down for summer BBQs and dress it up for the workplace. Besides my loves for jeans, I’m attracted to classic styles and traditional silhouettes. Wedges, intricate details, and understated pops of colors are my weaknesses.

Luci's Morsels - Fashion. Food. Frivolity. Healthy Recipes with a Hearty Sweet Tooth

I’ve always loved food and loved food of all kinds. I grew up in the kitchen with my mom making nightly dinners and baking up cookies year round. I watched her can her own fruit and give away jars and jars of homemade jam. When I started grad school, I began my weight loss journey as I learned more about the foods I was eating and started exercising consistently. You can read more about my weight loss journey. Because of this, you’ll see a lot of healthy recipes like salads and tasty dishes that cut back or omit cheese, butter, and other foods high in fat. While I try my best to maintain a healthy diet, I also have a hearty sweet tooth, so cookies, cakes, and other tasty treats will also show up. The healthy dishes stay in our home and I try to give away as many of the desserts as possible (after a good taste-testing of course). Just like my fashion, my cooking is approachable and fun for experienced but not professionally trained cooks and bakers. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Luci's Morsels - Fashion. Food. Frivolity. Los Angeles Denim Blogger

Besides the fashion and food, I share other little morsels in my life. My favorite frivolous morsel is travel – overnight or for a long vacation. I never tire of exploring new places and trying all kinds of food. I’ll also share occasional beauty and home décor finds.

More questions? Interested in collaborating? Email me at lucismorsels@gmail.com.

Fashion Photography by Karen Ard


Grace J said...

I love this! Great collage :)

ThePearShape said...

love this! very creative

Luci {Lucis Morsels} said...

Thank you! I'm so happy I finally got it done and up on the blog!

Luci {Lucis Morsels} said...

Thanks darlin!

Jess said...

This looks great! Love it!

Luci {Lucis Morsels} said...

Thank you!!! I'm so glad you like it!

Diana Martinez said...

Finally a blog I love enough to follow!!! Love Love Love!

Ginny (Gilmore) Brown said...

Love it! Can't wait for you to share in my class on Wednesday! :)

gumboots said...

I think you were a student in the very first class I taught back in 2004 (European History). I just remembered you -- I'm on the job market and writing a new teaching statement about my "most rewarding teaching experience" and I remembered working with you on your papers back then and how awesome it was that you went from being an average writer to being an awesome writer all in one semester (more due to your dedication than my intervention). So I decided to google you -- so happy to hear you went on to get a PhD, and even more happy you're doing what you really love!

- Nicole

Miki à la Mode said...

Love this bio and your blog! Your food always looks so delicious!