How to Find Your Style

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Somewhere along the line, I found my style and now if feels as though I always have something to wear. I think finding and knowing your style is a process. It starts when we’re teenagers and slowly, over time, it comes together whether you’re ready for it or not!

The key to knowing your style, however, is listening to that little voice in your head once you find it and then only adding new clothes that fit the mold!


Walking Fall Travel Outfits - Eileen Fisher Sweater + Black Jeans

Fall Weekend Getaway Outfit Ideas

Knowing Your Style

When you finally know your style, people around you know your style too! It’s a thing. I was recently on a group text with two friends. One friend was making us something and asked what color/pattern I’d like. Before I saw the text to respond, our third friend said, “black. classic.”

And she was right. I love the look of bright colors and fun patterns, but I usually opt for black (or white or tan) over vibrant hues and a classic look over anything too trendy in all my everyday outfits!

White Button Down Grayson Top + DL1961 jeans - Know Your Style

How Do you Find Your Style?

This is a two part thing. First, pay attention to what you like on others (friends, celebrity street style, everything). Yes, there will be fun things, but pay attention to repetition. What kinds of colors do you like? Cuts/silhouettes? Brands?

Second, pay attention to what you wear again and again in your closet. I have some gorgeous dresses and beautiful tops. You know what I wear? Well, you do know what I wear. I wear jeans, solid tops, sweaters, and, lately, my Veja sneakers. I even wear summer jeans – I’m that in tune with it. Mind blowing, right?

I’ve tried to wear dresses more often and I do a bit, but at the end of the day, this is what I’m comfortable in; this is what makes me feel good and put together!

Knowing Your Style - Turtleneck and Leather Jacket Outfit for Women

Turtleneck & Leather Jacket Layering

Why Knowing Your Style is Important

Knowing your style is fabulous and important for a few reasons.

First, except for the rare occasion, I haven’t felt that I had “nothing to wear” in years. If you’ve been hanging out for a while, you know my closet has been getting smaller, but that doesn’t mean I feel as though I don’t have enough.

The unintentional side-effect of rewearing the same clothes too is that I’ve figured out how to wear each item better with time! It’s one of the key parts of French style!

I used to be embarrassed that it took me time to learn how best to wear items, but then I started forgiving myself and embracing that with time and practice comes perfection (or well “good enough-ness”)! I can buy less and wear it more and more!

A friend recently made a wonderful point that really hit home. Not having anything to wear is not a symptom of not owning enough clothes; it’s a symptom of owning the wrong clothes (i.e. not knowing your style and shopping accordingly)!

KNowing Your Style - Skinny Jeans & Poncho

How to wear a Poncho Sweater

So besides never feeling like I need more and more clothes, I also don’t shop nearly as much as I used to. It used to feel as though I was always looking for new things to make my closet complete, to give me “the thing” to wear all the time. Then I started to realize there weren’t many holes in my closet.

So now when I’m looking for something, it’s a hole I’ve identified and I know exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t buy random things trying to figure it out. I know exactly what it is! It also means I can keep an eye out for sustainable brands I love (and sales too)!

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