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There are many things I’m flexible about, but finding a natural chapstick and a great mascara isn’t one of them. As I started transitioning to a clean makeup routine, my mascara was one of the few things I didn’t want to replace. But now I’ve found my one holy grail – the best clean mascara (and a few good runner ups).

I used the Dior Show mascara for years. It provided great volume, stood up to my life, and it was great for my sensitive eyes.

When I started trying clean mascaras, I’d go back to the Dior after each failed tube of mascara – just to keep myself sane.

It took a few years, but I’ve now found it – two actually. I do still periodically try other brands, but I keep coming back to my beloved mascara (double sided wand – isn’t my ideal) and the Sport mascara with a fiber wand (my choice).

I found this blog post really informative about wand materials, shapes, and the ideal for each type of lash and look.

Best Natural Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes

Review includes:

  • ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara
  • Kjaer Weiss Refillable – Lengthening & Impossible Mascara Reviewed
  • GenSee Sport Mascara
  • Jones Road Mascara
  • Saie mascara 101
ILIA Mascara Tube & Review - best clean mascara for sensitive eyes

ILIA MASCARA REVIEW – the Best Natural Mascara

I’ve been on a hunt for a clean beauty “natural” mascara that I really want to use. Not only is it clean, but it’s also good for my sensitive eyes and give me some decent oomph.

More than any other item, my mascara is the one thing I will wear and the item I replace most often.  After enjoying the ILIA Super Serum so much, I decided to give the ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara a shot.

best clean mascara for sensitive eyes

In short, I love it. The wand scared me at first as it has two “sides.” One side is curved and full of ‘bristles’ while the other side is a single, straight line of bristles. The first to separate your lashes and the latter to add volume and length. It took some getting used to but not long.

Most natural mascaras I’ve tried haven’t provided the coverage I’m used to in my beloved Diorshow mascara, but the ILIA finally gave me that oomph!

My sensitive eyes don’t seem to mind the formula most days although I have had some itching, likely aggravated by the dry air and seasonal allergies, so I can’t point any fingers!

I can even add it to my easy eyeshadow look for green eyes (with their eyeliner – another fave)!

KJAER WEIS Mascara Tube Review

Kjaer Weis Refillable Mascara Review

I’ve been really trying to buy less and refilling + buying bulk as often as possible, so my new products tries aren’t as numerous as you’d think.

The Kjaer Weis mascara caught my eye a while back because it’s refillable (and the outer casing is made from aluminum and therefore recyclable)! You buy the casing and mascara tube the first time and then you can just order an insert each time!

The Kjaer Weis line of beauty is all organic and clean (find them in this list of organic lip gloss). The mascara comes in the Im-possible and a volumizing formula and I’ve now tried both…

When I first got the volumizing mascara, I was a bit turned off my the small, plastic, pointy wand. It’s a common style of wand, but it isn’t my favorite. I did get used to it, however. The wand is also a little shorter than I’m used to, but again, easy to get used to.

The funny thing was that the first few times I used it, I felt that the formula got hard on my eyelashes, which is something I can’t stand. Not too long after, however, it didn’t feel like that anymore.

All in all, I liked the concept of the refillable mascara container. The formula was absolutely fine to use, though I didn’t have much luck layering to get a true volumizing.

The Im-possible Mascara has my beloved fiber wand, so I was excited to try it. It has the same refillable concept and the wand is the same short length.

The product came out of the tube a bit thick, but it easily wiped clean. My sensitive eyes had no problem with the formula and it went on really well. And then closer to the end of the day, my husband would start telling me that it looked like I had a bit of a black eye – the mascara was flaking.

So while I love the concept and how the formula goes on, I won’t be buying either of these again.

Check out other refillable makeup options here.

GEN SEE Clean Mascara Review-Gen See mascara wand and tube on counter

Gen See Sport Review – Best Natural Mascara w. Fiber Wand

Gen See recently reached out to send me some of their products to try (no posting obligation, so this review is all me). Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup products, I just asked for the mascara and the brow gel. While the brow gel was a bit dark and heavy for my brows, the mascara was a major winner!

You’ll know by now that I love a fiber wand, so I was excited to see this wand. I was a little nervous about the hourglass shape, but it didn’t prove to be a problem.

The formula goes on easily and didn’t both my eyes at all. It provides great coverage and didn’t leave me with any flaking or smudging.

I will admit to not always being the best at removing extra product, so I sometimes felt there was a touch more product on the wand than I wanted, but it never really proved to be an issue for me.

All in all, I really loved this clean mascara. It was wonderful for my sensitive eyes.

You can buy Gen See directly from their site or from clean beauty retailer Credo Beauty. Gen See has partnered with Pact Collective to help cover the cost of recycling the tube (26% plant-based rather than fossil fuel-based).

Remember you can always drop off empties like this at Nordstrom, Saks, Sephora, and Ulta stores – the most sustainable makeup recycling option.

Jones Road Beauty Mascara Review

Jones Road Mascara Review

Jones Road Beauty is the clean beauty brand developed by Bobbi Brown (yes, the one who founded Bobbi Brown cosmetics). Years ago, I loved a few Bobbi Brown items (when the founder was in charge there). I recall the mascara being too lightweight for me (someone who likes some oomph and coverage), but I was ready to try and review the Jones Road mascara!

I was hesitant right off the bat with the curved fiber wand. You know I’m particular about wands, and this was a turnoff to me, but I gave it a whirl for about a month. At first I really liked the mascara, getting decent volume and coverage, but it’s wasn’t too long before I started to be more irritated with the mascara than anything else.

I never got used to the wand, really. I found it easy to clump on my lashes and couldn’t get separation very easily.

And while not the stiffest formula of clean/natural mascaras I’ve tried, it was pretty stiff, so if I rubbed my eyes, it was easy to come away with an eyelash – so frustrating.

After a month or so, I decided to move on to another tube of mascara, deciding I was over the downsides. I’m so particular about mascara and this one really didn’t do any of the things I wanted though, yes, it is clean (an EWG rating of 2)!

Saie Mascara 101 Review

Saie Mascara 101 Review

Some of my favorite clean beauty friends rave about SAIE, so I was excited to try this mascara. A slim wand and brush, the formula goes on very easily and was non-irritating!

The formula gives a very natural look while still giving a bit of oomph. It wasn’t quite enough boost for my taste, but it was certainly easy to wear. I did notice some flaking throughout the day, however.

It did come off very easily too! I think this is a good mascara for sensitive eyes looking for a natural, light mascara!

Looking for brow products, see my eyebrow growth serum recommendation!

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