Non Toxic Sunscreens

Best Non Toxic Sunscreens

I would say, tis the season for sun protection, but it’s ALWAYS the season for sun protection!! If you haven’t been so great, here’s everything to start TODAY! This list of non toxic sunscreens is a roundup of my favorite, highlighting the few I swear by.

Best Non Toxic Sunscreen

Non Toxic Sunscreens

These sunscreens are broken up into those for your face (many tinted options) and those for your body. I’m religious about putting it on my face and I’m slowly getting better about applying it more regularly to my body – namely my shoulders and arms.

What Makes a Sunscreen Non Toxic?

There are A LOT of ingredients in sunscreen. EWG, the site I use to get an idea of a product’s “cleanliness” only recently started even grading sun protection because it’s so complicated.

When looking for a non toxic sunscreen, you want a mineral or physical rather than a chemical sunscreen. Look for keywords such as ‘titanium dioxide’ or ‘zinc oxide.’ These sit on top of the skin and don’t penetrate skin or enter the bloodstream.

There is a ‘gray’ area when it comes to spray sunscreens. Because of the potential to inhale the sunscreen with a spray option, it’s not considered a safe option. As the mother of a 4 year old, I also understand the ease of sprays though. So, now you know, and you decide what is best for you.

When Should I apply SPF in skincare?

When it comes to using sunscreen, it should always be the last thing you put on. Non toxic sunscreen is designed to sit on the skin, so anything applied on top of it won’t skin into your skin. Apply your SPF after all serums, lotions, and oils.

Best Non Toxic Sunscreens

Non Toxic Face Sunscreens

Tinted Skincare

Tinted Skincare

Curbside Recyclable & Leaping Bunny certified, SPF 50, read my review: best clean tinted moisturizer
Use code LUCI15 for 15% off



Climate Neutral Certified, Certified Plastic Negative, Leaping Bunny Certified, SPF 35

Nutrient Day Cream - Best Non Toxic Sunscreen

Nutrient Day Cream

Gluten Free, SPF 50

Best Non Toxic Sunscreens - Countersun


EWG Verified, Vegan, Contains RSPO Certified Palm Oil, SPF 25



Slip Tint Tinted Moisturizer

Climate Neutral Certified, Certified Plastic Negative, Leaping Bunny Certified, 1% for the Planet, SPF 35

Activist SPF 30 Tinted Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Stick

Tinted Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Stick

Bio-based, compostable push-up tube & 1% for the Planet
Use code LUCISMORSELS20 for 20% off

5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Face - Best Non Toxic Sunscreens

5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Face

Vegan, Gluten Free, Fragrance Free, Soy Free, Sustainable Packaging, SPF 30

Weekend Skin SPF 50 + Vitamin C

Weekend Skin + Vitamin C

Sustainable Packaging, SPF 50

SunnyDays Tinted SPF Sunscreen Foundation

SunnyDays Tinted SPF Sunscreen Foundation

Gluten Free & Fragrance Free, SPF 30

Daily SPF 50 Primer - Best Non Toxic Sunscreens. Indie Lee Coupon Code

Daily SPF 50 Primer

Vegan & Alcohol Free, SPF 50,
use code LUCI20 for 20% off

Most skincare and makeup packaging isn’t curbside recyclable. See these easy drop off and mail in options for proper skin care and makeup package recycling!

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

Super Serum Skin Tint

1% for the Planet & Leaping Bunny Certified

Clean Body Sunscreens

Mineral Sunscreen Stick - Best Non Toxic Sunscreens

Mineral Sunscreen Stick

Recyclable, EWG Certified, SPF 30

Pipette Sunscreen

Pipette Sunscreen

Recyclable, Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free, Good for the whole family, SPF 50


Mineral Sunscreen Lotion - Best Non Toxic Sunscreens

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Cruelty free, Recyclable, SPF 30

Native Sunscreen

Native Sunscreen

Cruelty-Free, SPF 30

Clean Beauty

Since clean beauty is an important part of sustainable living (what we wash down the drain matters as much as what we put on our skin), be sure to check out these other clean beauty roundups:

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