Jean Brands I Don’t Buy

Jean Brands Not to Buy

Here I go on another denim rant. I know! But this one is different. I carry on and on about the denim brands I love (hello Current/Elliott and DL1961!). As much as I live for great jeans and I always want to try new brands (check out my list of sustainable jeans brands), there are reasons I gravitate toward some brands again and again. So, what would otherwise go against my aversion to talk negatively about a brand on LM, here goes my honest opinion on the jean brands I don’t buy for a variety of reasons…

Ralph Lauren Top | Calvin Klein Coat (almost identical)
Paige Denim (similar) | Ron White Shoes | Givenchy Sunnies

Jean Brands Not to Buy

What Jean Brands Not to Buy

Hudson Jeans Review

The first brand I steer away from is Hudson. One of my first pairs of high-end jeans was by Hudson. I loved them for a while, but eventually they started stretching out so much, I couldn’t get them to keep their shape – a no-go in my world. I tried them another time or two, but still to no avail…

Jean Brands Not to Buy

Paige Jeans Review

You’re going to laugh at this one. But I don’t think I’ll ever buy a pair of Paige Jeans again. You might have noticed that the jeans in this outfit are by Paige. And I do love them. But the last two pairs from them have been a disappointment.

The first was a pair of skinnies with stretch (the latest trend), but they never stayed in place, so I was constantly pulling them up. No good.

Jean Brands Not to Buy

But the primary reason I’m steering clear of them now is that their jeans bleed. I have a pair of dark blue denim that fits wonderfully. I went on my usual afternoon walk one day with my reusable canvas tote over my shoulder. When I got home, I noticed dark blue dye smudged all over the back side of my favorite bag! I wondered if it was random…

My mom, however, has a black pair of Paige jeans. Last time she visited, she noticed that her hands looked grey – dirty really. We’d been driving all day, so we hadn’t been getting into trouble, I promise.

We figured out that it was the dye from having her hands on her jeans while we were sitting. So that’s two separate pairs of their denim that bled. Um NO THANK YOU!

I loved Paige jeans for a long time because they were slightly less in terms of cost than other denim and they fit really well. But you really have to steer clear of any dark washes and, probably, any stretchy washes.

Jean Brands Not to Buy

AG Jeans for Curvy Ladies

The next brand is a hard one – it’s AG Jeans. I LOVE the way AG jeans looks on everyone else. And my husband practically lived in their men’s Protege pants a few years ago.

Everytime I take a pair of AG Jeans into the dressing room, however, I can’t pull them up over my thighs. I tend to be on the curvy side for smaller figures, but apparently size 27/28s in AG don’t have room for all of me, which is depressing. So, if AG Jeans work for you, I’m just jealous. I do really want them to work for me!!

UPDATE: Apparently I just needed to get pregnant! hah. AG Jeans ended up making my favorite pair of maternity jeans!

Jean Brands Not to Buy

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