Brown Boots w. Black Jeans

Brown Boots with Black Jeans Outfit

I love this outfit, but can I tell you a secret? It’s actually an old outfit. Yep, check out this post on how to layer under a sweater (originally posted 6 years ago)! And six years later, this brown boots with black jeans look is still a go-to for me.

I will admit that the jeans are different, but the sweater is the same (sidenote VINCE makes FABULOUS sweaters – great to look for at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale). And while we’re talking about wearing quality clothes, this black shirt was certainly in my wardrobe then too. So, we’re talking about 3 of 6 items in this outfit being in my closet for at least 6 years!

Brown Boots with Black Jeans Outfit for Women

Brown Boots with Black Jeans

Ok. But back to the matter at hand, it’s often assumed that black jeans mean you should wear black shoes. But do you have to wear black boots with black jeans? Nope!

Can you wear brown boots with black jeans? TOTALLY! I love the look of tan or camel brown boots with black, but you can easily wear a pair of dark brown boots with black jeans too!

If you love that camel brown and black look, check out the outfit in my Sarah Flint Shoes review – a nuttier cognac suede block pump with black jeans!

Barn Coat Outfit

This burnt orange jacket was described as a “barn coat” when I bought it a few years ago (see this very similar version available now). If you know me, you’ll be quite surprised that I’d ever pick such a bold color, but I did and I love how well it pairs with my otherwise neutral, muted wardrobe.

This barn coat is unlined and resemble a classic trench coat look, but has no option for tailoring (i.e. no waist cinching).

While I usually avoid such “boxy” cuts, this one is actually great as a contract piece that adds depth without bulk. It even dresses up a sweatshirt without any work on my part!

Are unlined jackets warm?

As I mentioned above, this jacket is unlined, so there’s no extra layer for warmth. Initially that doesn’t seem very warm, but the material in this barn coat is like a windbreaker, so it “traps” in my body heat (good with my layering tank, button down, and wool sweater).

The great part about this coat is that the open neckline and boxy cut still let air flow, so it’s a nice balance without ever letting me get too hot.

And if I do ever need to take it off, it isn’t heavy to carry around.

What to Wear with Brown Boots and Black Jeans?

Ok. So my only word of advice for wearing brown boots with black jeans is to make sure you have something lighter in your outfit – a pop of color, if you will. It doesn’t have to be as big as this big burnt orange coat, but a dark brown and black can easily look drab, so a lighter color (yes, even a white or cream) would be good.

The colors are the epitome of neutrals, so a solid pop of color would be a good call though!

Get more ideas for what to wear on black jeans!

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