How to Wear a Beret

How to Wear a Beret Outfit like the French

I didn’t wear a beret for so long, even though I’m a hat lover now. Learning how to wear a beret with long hair helped infinitely!

Red Beret Outfit with Striped Shirt

It’s my husband’s birthday this week. We went out for a tasty sushi dinner on Saturday night and set up new speakers for his record player (we are totally legit now)!

Otherwise, it was a lovely and lowkey weekend. I did do some work, of course, but we also baked brownies and started watching the Harry Potter movies. I know I saw the first one when it came out and I think the second one as well. The rest are all new to me. And my husband never saw any of them, so it’s a new experience for both of us!

We’re also watching The Crown (into season 2 now which is INFINITELY more exciting) and Timeless came back last night. And then March Madness officially started yesterday, which is my husband’s favorite. And, actually, it’s kind of mine as well because I’m so productive in March – working late and a bit on the weekends because there are so many games…

But before I start going on and on about how much work I get done in March, let’s talk about how to wear a beret because they are so stinkin’ cute…

Red Beret Outfit with Striped Shirt

Striped Shirt | Faconnable Jacket (similar coat – size up)
Current/Elliott Jeans (similar denim)| similar beret
ECCO Flats (similar black flat – use code: SARAHFLINT-CCLUCI for 15% off)
Prada Tote | Givenchy Sunnies

How to Wear a Beret Outfit like the French

How to Wear a Beret

I got this beret over a year ago. It took me a few months to figure out one outfit and then it sat on my clothes rack for months and months until a few weeks ago when I decided to give it another whirl.

This beret is a slouchier fit without being a beanie. This allows a bit more futzing with to get just right!

My hair was down and curled (see how I curl my long hair with a flat iron) and somehow it just worked. The thing about how to wear a beret with long hair is that you need to have some/all hair framing your face. In this case, I pulled all of my hair forward, but you can easily just pull out some ‘bangs’ on either side.

A second option is to pull your hair all to one side. Whether it’s down, in a bun, or a single side braid, the offset hairdo is perfect with the soft sided hat. You can see this red beret styled in these traveling outfits and my burnt orange beret styled in why I shop at Nordstrom!

I loved this hairdo so much, I’m seriously looking at a black beret to start building up my collection. It’s so versatile and it won’t take up any room in a suitcase (weekend packing list or lengthy trip to Europe)!!

Red Beret Outfit with Striped Shirt

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How to Wear a Beret Outfit like the French

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