Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

When I first got into sustainable living, I heard pretty early about safety razors as a lovely plastic-free alternative – an easy way to start living more eco-friendly. So I tried the brand I’d seen most and quickly realized how much I hated it..and then I found the best double edge razor blades, or rather that double edged was better, and now I’m happy!

Here is the thing about all safety razors – there is a learning curve. I have found, however, that the learning curve with double edge razor blades is much less than the swivel head options and let me tell you here and now – you don’t need more than a single blade!

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

So before we get too far, as I said this isn’t my first safety razor. Before learning that double edged razor blades are best, I had the pivoting head, multi-blade LEAF razor.

Without going into too much detail, I had many terrible experiences with it and really never loved it (even after a year of using it). I often cut myself, never felt in control, and became almost fearful of shaving my legs. I kid you not.

I was ready to go back to plastic razors for the sake of my sanity and my skin! As with everything sustainable, no option that’s stressful is better – no matter how low waste.

But in an effort to try it all, I wanted to try a double edge razor blade – no pivot, not 3 chances to cut myself.

Whereas my first time with the LEAF razor led to razor burn and eventually cuts, this razor gave me the softest shave I’ve had in years (long before I switched to the safety razor). The dream of finding a safety razor I wanted to use and that gave me soft legs had come true!

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Why are Safety Razors more Sustainable?

Let’s start first with what a safety razor is. The term “safety razor” is actually an old one as it was the safer option for shaving as compared with the open blade previously used. The idea is that you have more control and some protection around the open blade!

Safety razors are more sustainable because only the blades are replaced, rather than the whole razor “head” (with surrounding plastic and rubber) or the whole razor itself. And the blades are recyclable themselves (see note below about razor recycling).

WLDOHO Razor in StandReview

Safety Razor for Women

It seems that there are a billion choices of razors out there for women. Somewhere about college, I realized that not a one was good enough and I preferred men’s razors. They had more cushioning built in and usually offered a number of blades to give me a better, painless shave!

Until I tried my first safety razor, I’d been using men’s razors exclusively! So when it came time to try a new razor, I thought I wanted multiple blades and a look that resembled the disposable options I’m used to.

I now know that isn’t the case – in fact, quite the opposite. While the shape of the double edge razor blade razor looks a little too abnormal, it’s actually PERFECT and ONE blade is just right!

The metal piece around the two-sided blades helps you to keep the blade at just the right angle for an effective, SAFE shave (I’ve heard 30º is right)! The weight is also evenly distributed throughout the razor, so you won’t be accidentally applying too much pressure with the blade (like I did many times with the other razor).

Finally, having just one blade (if it’s a good one) is better for shaving as you aren’t giving each blades chances to cut your protective skin layer.

Trust me on this one – double edge razor blades is the best safety razor for women and men!

How to Use Double Edge Razor Blades

I’ve been shaving with safety razors for nearly four years. I researched how to use a safety razor before and during my use and have since also gathered tips from friends and now have plenty of my own experience.

First. Safety razors are for wet shaving and with a soap or cream ONLY. You will hurt your skin terribly if these two things aren’t happening.

Second, if you have sensitive skin, skin that is prone to razor burn, or just want a better shave, exfoliation before shaving is important. This removes any dead skin and gets your skin more even before the razor glides over. (see all my go to beauty body tools, but definitely look into using a body plane for a better shave)

Once in the shower, let your legs and skin warm up in the warmth of the water and steam before shaving. If you have goosebumps, you will inevitably get razor burn.

An important thing to note about safety razors, you cannot do “a quick shave,” you really need to shave slowly and with intention. Shorter strokes are better and move slowly around your ankle, along your calf, and across your armpits. Do not apply pressure to the razor AT ALL – this can lead to cuts and razor burn.

Finally, you should absolutely moisturize right after you shower. I get out of the shower, swipe dry my legs (no towel), apply my facial skincare, and then immediately moisturize my body with my favorite body oil or body butter.

Ok. One more thing, but this isn’t every time. Dull blades (in the kitchen and in the shower) only lead to problems. You want to change the blades after every 10 shaves or so. Not to fret, this will keep you safe and it works out to just 2¢ per shave – quite a bargain!

Best Safety Razor - WLDOHO Razor Review & ReplacementBlades

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