Esker Body Plane Review

how to use a body plane for soft skin

Have you heard about body planes? While images of a beached whale immediately come to mind, body planing is anything but. The Esker body plane is my new favorite body tool to get soft skin all over my body.

Esker Body Plane Use & Review

Esker Body Plane

If you’ve followed me for a while, the name Esker might sound familiar. It’s a clean body beauty company. I met the founder, Shannon, when I lived in LA. At the time she offered three body washes and body oils.

A longtime fan of body oils, I immediately fell in love with her scents and the fabulous packaging. And I used her body washes exclusively when I was pregnant because they were pregnancy-safe and luxurious feeling (at a time when little feels luxurious)!

Since then, she’s expanded her scents and has started sharing body tools. You may be familiar with dry brushing, but now there’s jade rollers and body planes – yes, both for your body!

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Esker Body Oil Review

If you haven’t heard of a body plane, you aren’t alone. The Esker body plane is the only one on the market – and you kind of need it. Let me elaborate…

I bought the body plane a few years ago and used it a few times, thinking it would clean my skin of product buildup (from my history of body lotion and oil use). And it did, but what it does is so much more and, sadly, it took me a while to understand.

Esker Body Plane Use & Review

What does a body plane do?

So, yes, a body plane helps to remove product buildup, but it also helps to remove dead skin off the surface. By removing the buildup and skin, new skin is able to emerge, leaving you with newer, softer skin.

When I first shared this on my Instagram (give this sustainability instagram influencer a follow!), the first questions I got were, does this replace shaving?

No, body planing doesn’t replace shaving, BUT it makes shaving more effective and, at least for me, lets me shave less often.

Because the body plane removes buildup and older skin, when I do shave (the same would be true for waxing), the razor is able to get closer to the root of the hair, so your shaves will yield softer shaves and longer lasting shaves!

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How do you use the Body Plane?

Using a body plane is super easy and rather fast (you don’t have to actually worry about a blade or anything).

In the shower (or bath, if you’re a bath person), wet skin. Then rub oil on the part of your body you plan to “plane!” (is that a verb now?). You don’t need much, just enough to help the body plane glide easily.

Full disclosure, I use a basic oil (often apricot kernel oil often with essential oils – use code luci20 for 20% off essential oils). And then I use a more wonderfully indulgent body oil, like the firming oil, for use after showering.

For your legs and derrière, start at your ankles, glide the plane in upward motions. I usually go ankle to knee (all the way around my calf), small swipes over and around my knee, then knee to groin.

The idea is the same for your arms and torso. For your arms, begin at your wrists and move upward. I do wrist to elbow (all the way around my forearm), then elbow to shoulder.

You can also do your torso, gliding toward your arm in small strokes.

Simply wipe clean after use.

How often should you use the Esker body plane?

There’s really no limit to how often you use it. I think I use mine 3-4 times per week at least on my legs, where I’m most concerned about skin cell renewal. Your needs will vary depending on skin type and season.

The only time I don’t use the body plane is in the day or two after I shave. I find my skin to be a bit too sensitive for that time for the plane, but I know it immediately – it’s just a bit uncomfortable.

How to Use Esker Body Plane

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esker body plane review

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