AM Skincare Routine

What’s your morning AM skincare routine? I feel like I’ve wandered through a few phases in the last few years, but I’m really happy with where I’m at right now.

A few tricks and products were recent discoveries for me and some have been in heavy rotation for years!

In theory your face should be the most glorious in the morning. You wash it at night (please don’t ever skip this, people) and your skin worked its natural magic overnight (the most restorative phase of your skin) and now you’re all ready for a new day.

The thing is… YOU HAVE TO PREP YOUR SKIN FOR THE DAY AHEAD. As much as you work to take off the day at night, you need to prepare for the day in your am skincare routine. See What’s My Skin Type? to find out what type of products are best for you!

What does that mean? Well, if nothing else, sunscreen (more later), but it also includes a serum that offers protection and the right moisturizer or face oil.

So What’s my clean beauty AM skincare routine?

AM Skincare Routine

BeautyCounter Cleansing Oil

Step One: Cleansing

If you’ve read my must have Beautycounter products, then you won’t be at all surprised to see the Countertime Cleansing Oil. It’s a makeup remover and face wash all in one and there’s nothing better. The scent is light but refreshing and you will LOVE how clean your face feels when yo use it (it’s not drying at all).

Step Two: Toner

If you think of astringent when you see the word toner, let me try to discourage you from doing so. While toners used to be desiccating products we put on to try to limit teenage acne, toners can really be SO much more. They’re designed to rebalance the ph of your skin and get it ready to apply more products.

Toners come in a variety of scents and consistencies. I’m currently using this toner in the morning and this more indulgent one at night. Both are great. I don’t think I’ve found a ride or die toner, but I think they are an important step in your skincare routine (am or pm)!

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AM Skincare Routine - Activist Skincare Clear Serum

Step Three: Serum

I never understood serums until I really started needing them and I began to understand the benefits of facial serum. I use a moisturizing serum at night (this is my favorite one), but in the morning, I like to use either a brightening serum (to help with dark spots) or something like this calming force serum.

I also use a variety of these skin brightening products, but I’m currently using this I Am Bright brightening serum and it’s the most effective such product I’ve ever used. I noticed my skin tone evening and brightening within a week. See my in depth crunchi review.

Almost immediately when I started using the calming serum, I felt as though any pinkness (light redness) went away, so I love it for being a bit more anti inflammatory than an acne product.

Read my review of the entire line of Activist refillable skincare.

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UPDATE: I’ve recently been using this eyebrow growth serum. I apply it after step three to let the serum settle into my skin before topping with my moisturizer.

am skincare routine - face oil

Step Four: Face Oil

After spending years fearful of face oils, I finally tried one and haven’t looked back.

This AnnMarie herbal facial oil is like a facial at home. It smells HEAVENLY and hydrates my skin beautifully. Unlike most moisturizers, the oil really hydrates my skin for hours and hours. And it isn’t oily feeling at all!

I’ve also been using this Activist skincare face oil.

You can read my full AnnMarie Organic Facial Oil review here! I use it every morning and have it on automatic subscription; I love it that much!

am skincare routine - daybird SPF

Step Five: Sunscreen

If you do nothing else in your morning skin routine, you HAVE TO APPLY SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY. Let me repeat that.


I’m not one to boast about being perfect at applying sunscreen all over my body every day or even every time I probably should, but I can attest that I’m practically perfect at applying sunscreen to my face every single day. It’s non-negotiable in my world.

While one could complain about the white, thick, pastiness, of so many sunscreens out there, there really are a good number of fabulous tinted sunscreens that are easy to apply and don’t white you out. And they’re clean too!

I’m currently using best clean tinted moisturizer. It’s clean, adds a lovely tint, and the packaging is completely curbside recyclable! And I’ve got a few friends hooked too! See this more complete list of non toxic sunscreens – face and body, tinted and otherwise!

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Step Six: Blemish Oil (if needed)

The final step in both my nighttime and morning skincare routines is my Blemish Oil. For any blemishes above or below the skin, I swipe a bit of this over the offending spot and I’m ready to go. It can also be applied throughout the day.

If I start using this blemish oil early enough, I have no fears of the spot emerging and becoming a problem. The blemish oil also helps me to limit trying to attack any breakouts with my fingers!

AM Skincare Routine Products

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Photography by Sacramento Photographer Val Leddy

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