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Stasher Bag Ideas

I’m obsessed with my Stasher Bags. If you don’t have that love yet, let me try to sway you. Stasher is the most popular brand of reusable bags – made of silicone and a fabulous kitchen necessity for everyone! EVERYONE.

They come in so many sizes and lots of fun colors – there’s something for everyone and every need. They’re also dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe (up to 425 degrees)!

I think they might be my number one suggested replacement for making your home more sustainable!

Stasher Bag Ideas

I can’t remember when I first learned about Stasher bags – it was a while ago. At the time, I wasn’t overtly concerned about sustainable living, nor did I think the cost of the reusable bags was worth it.

Then I received one as a gift and that was all she wrote. I now have a small collection, use them all the time, and have ditched using single use plastic wrap and bags!

How I haven’t written an entire post about them yet is honestly shocking. I wrote a short review of my first Stasher a while ago and then just went on my merry way – so, so silly!

So let me share with you all the ways I’ve used our Stashers and then, most importantly, how to properly wash them!!

How to Wash Stasher Bags

Stasher Bag Uses

When you get your first stasher bag, you love the idea but don’t necessarily know how to start using it regularly.

My first use for mine was to store my big block of cheddar cheese. I usually store it in ziploc bags, so this was an obvious use for the reusable bag!

Then I had more cheese hunks to store. Next it kept some bagels fresh on the counter for a day or two (before we then put them in the freezer – in these bags).

Slowly, I started finding so many uses for the bags and each of the sizes. Here is a list of what my family (my mom included) uses for each of the Stasher Bag Sizes…


Let’s start with the big one. My first Stasher Bag was medium-ish in size and I remember just wishing it were bigger and easier to use. While I now understand that joys of that size, this Stand Up Mega size is really what dreams are made of!

My favorite use for this size is to freeze big batches of cookies! I have also used it to store soups – I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s a great holder of food and it stands up and freezes. It’s AMAZING!


This stand up “series” of reusable bags are among my favorite. They really can store a lot and they’re easy to put food in! This mid size is a great size for constant use – it’s a size to stock up on!


This stand up mini is my go-to now for our little guy’s snacks on the go. The great part about most Stasher bags is they’re easy to get into, but items don’t fall out easily – what dreams are made of when it comes to feeding small kids!

In the stroller or in the car, this size is so easy and wonderful for our little guy’s hand and I don’t have to worry much about it falling out! I love that isn’t just for kid snacks – I can use it in my kitchen all while he uses it for snacks too.

Clean Sustainable Product Reviews - Stasher Gallon Size


This half gallon size of reusable bag was my first Stasher! It’s wonderful for storing some bagels or, as you can see above, half of a spaghetti squash. These flat Stashers are perfect for storing anything like pizza slices or something that you want to lay flat!

This size is also wonderful for storing a small batch of cookies in the freezer! Clearly anything that assists in cookie consumption is good in my book!


The quart size is actually new to their collection and I don’t have one yet, but I remember how much I loved buying the quart size ziploc bags, so I assume this one will be great whenever I get it.


This is our most commonly used size. This size holds smaller hunks of cheese in the fridge as well as snacks for the family. I have one of these in my purse with my homemade trail mix. I put cut up fruit, cheese, and crackers in here for on-the-go snacking for our 2 year old.

It’s also my preferred size for storing open avocados – Stasher bags are the best way to store an avocado!

I also have one of these in my sewing kit that holds my needles, thread snips, and a small measuring tape. Stasher bags can really be used for ANYTHING!

Plastic Wrap Replacements - Stasher Silicone Bags


Sandwiches, duh! Actually, we don’t do too many sandwiches in my house these days, but this sandwich Stasher is a great size for just about anything. I currently have frozen lemon juice cubes in mine.

My mom started freezing rice in her snack size, but the sandwich size is great for two servings of frozen rice.


I honestly didn’t understand how I could really use the pocket size Stasher bag for quite some time. It was my mom who really jumped on the size. She keeps one filled with candy in her purse and another is her travel pill container (it holds a slew of vitamins).

I’ve now started keeping raisins for our little guy in there on the go as well as holding a cookie or two!

How to Wash Stasher Bags

Ok. So these suckers are super simple to wash, but you want to make sure you do it right.

There are basically two methods.

First, you can hand wash them with a dish brush or sponge. Then let air dry completely before storing.

Second, they are dishwasher safe. I put mine on the top rack and try to separate the opening of the bags around another cup or the spikes to ensure that soapy water gets inside. Again, make sure they’re completely dry before storing!

To dry the bags, I made a makeshift drying rack with long spoons (that you can see in the video below). Stasher recently launched their own bamboo drying rack (far more stylish) as well!

You don’t want to try to flip these inside out or change their shape during washing either!

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