Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

No matter what kind of gifts you’re making this year, it’s good to use sustainable gift wrap for all your DIY gifts. Most of these ideas won’t cost you anything and might help clear out some space in those cupboards and drawers!

I LOOOOVE DIY gifts. I have for a while now. They aren’t for everyone on my list, but homemade gifts are really great for all those fabulous people in your life that you want to show some love but don’t need to buy them a gift.

Brown Paper Bag Gift Wrap

Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas

Clearly there is not one size fits all for sustainable gift wrap since every gift and type of gift is different.

If we’re just talking about standard gift wrap, however, I’d encourage you to work your way toward not buying any new gift wrap.

It honestly took me a few years to work through the rolls of leftover holiday paper and labels I had after making this decision. Now we have no new paper, ribbons, or tags!

I’m still using up ribbon I had from years ago, but now all “wrapping” is reused or upcycled. Now I’m really LOVING the ease and fun of DIY gift wrap!

My approach is to use brown paper bags, magazines, and newspaper as bags or gift wrap paper (think back to your junior high days when you covered your books).

Now I’m also adding plain string as well as dried flowers, greens, and dried citrus slices! These natural decorations really pop (especially with the brown paper).

Homemade Gift Idea - Infused Olive Oils

Sustainable DIY Gift Containers

So here’s where you can really get creative. Depending on what you’re making for others in your life, the containers you use don’t have to be single use plastic bags or boxes.

Instead, think long term! Making DIY infused olive oils? Try using reused (and reusable) glass bottles. See how to clean and reuse glass bottles here!

Want to share your favorite seasoning mix or sharing some dried herbs and spices from your garden? Use up old spice jars or small jars with lids. Add your own spice labels to give them that special touch!

Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas - Secondhand Containers

Sharing your favorite DIY dessert (these chocolate covered figs – scrumptious!)? Head to the local second-hand store or post in your local Facebook or Buy Nothing Project groups. Each gift can look different and unique. And you can give your favorite people more goodies!

Reusable Gift Wrap - ETSY

More Ideas

Other even more non-conventional ideas include using scrap material or a reusable gift wrap. This mother-daughter duo in Michigan hand stamps their materials. Check out the adorable red truck print!

I’m also really big on using magazine pages and newspaper as gift wrap! This is especially great for stocking stuffers!

If you’re making a tasty treat, try gifting it in a Stasher Bag or BeesWrap!

Basically anything reused or reusable is sustainable gift wrap (the former clearly better than the latter).

If you want to really go green this holiday season, check out compostable wrapping paper options (and find out if you can compost any of your wrapping paper)!

And wrapped around any of these sustainable gifts is a win-win!

Sustainable Gift Wrap - DIY Magazine Wrapping Paper

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