Stojo Collapsible Container Review

Reusable Container for Homemade Food Gifts

I discovered Stojo a couple years ago. They’re a company that makes reusable, collapsible containers. They started out with water bottles and coffee cups and then late last year launched their collapsible bowls. I’ve tried each of their products now and really like them – read below for specifics.

So this collapsible cup thing was immediately of interest once I learned about it. I’ve long been using my reusable water bottle and coffee cup. The problem comes, however, when I’m traveling!

I will always make room for my water bottle, but it takes up so much darn room. And I will always pick hydration over skipping a plastic water bottle – it’s too important.

While staying in at a coffee shop is always fun when traveling, it is nice to have a slim to-go cup to use as well. I’m not as diligent about this one, but I have taken it with me and loved the ease and sustainability of it.

Stojo Collapsible Containers

As I mentioned above, Stojo makes three kinds of collapsible products – coffee cups (available in 8, 12, 16, and 24oz sizes), water bottles (in 14 and 20 oz options), and now they have bowls & “boxes” (collapsible food storage).

They have a range of colors, so not only can you pick your favorite, you can individualize for a group, so you know whose is whose based on the color alone.

Stojo Water Bottle on Picnic Table

Stojo Water Bottle

The stojo collapsible water bottle was my first product to try and I think it’s great. I have the 20oz. collapsible water bottle. It only holds ½ the water of my normal bottle (I told you I drink a lot of water), but takes up about ⅕ of the space when collapsed, so…TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The opening on the bottle I have is about 2″ across, so a lot of water can come out in a sip. They do have a sport top now that I’m guessing would be a great option, but since I already have mine, I don’t have a need to try that one yet.

Stojo Collapsible Water Bottle for Travel

Since I need more water and love a sturdy, hard-sided container, I only use my Stojo water bottle for travel, but it is FABULOUS for travel, collapsing into a small size to take up less space or even looping onto my bag.

See my tips for what to pack to stay healthy during air travel.

Stojo Coffee Cup, Water Bottle, and Bowl

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

So, the collapsible coffee cup was their initial product, I think. These cups shrink down to be less than 1″ tall, so they really are a space saver!

They aren’t as insulating as my stainless steel cup (science at work here, obviously), but they aren’t bad on that front. And they have sleeves that come with them that work well to keep your hand from burning or freezing!

The ‘sleeve’ is also a harder material, so it prevents your hold on the cup from squeezing out the liquid.

Once you get the lid all screwed on, then the cups/mugs are great. They even have a little “stopper.” My only complaint is that the lid can be a little tricky to screw on correctly. And that only bothers me when the cup is really full. But my 8 oz cup is usually filled to the top and I’ve spilled coffee on myself a few times. So, just watch out there.

Luci holding Stojo Coffee Cup

Yes, I have it in black! 🙂

Stojo Review

Stojo Bowl Review | Collapsible Tupperware

So then late last year, I saw that Stojo came out with collapsible bowls and “boxes.” In essence they’re collapsible food storage containers whether you’re storing leftovers or meal prepping your lunch!

They too come in array of colors and shrink down to under 1″ tall. I like them for how much less room they take up in my drawer as well as shrinking down for anything on the go.

When I’m really on top of things, I bring one or two of these containers with us to restaurants to bring home our leftovers, and I like that they slide right into my purse when they’re empty and collapsed.

My husband has noted that he has trouble getting the snaps to close properly sometimes. You do need to get everything lined up correctly, but I haven’t found it to be a problem. My only maybe complaint is that you can’t see what’s in the containers, so sometimes I forget about leftovers to eat because I don’t see it.

I also love that you can snap the lid to the bowl or box, so the two can stay together and you won’t worry about losing a part!

They do now have translucent options. They aren’t perfectly see-through, but they’re an improvement for sure!

These are great for small home living as well as convenient for camping!

Reusable Container for Homemade Food Gifts

I actually used one of these collapsible bowls to gift homemade cookies for a sustainable gift idea last Christmas!

Are they easy to clean?

Yes! So that’s another selling point. These silicone and recyclable plastic items are all easy to take apart and easy to clean (they’re even dishwasher safe). I like that there are crevices and tiny spaces for me to work at to clean out.

And I think they’re easy to put back together.

Shop Stojo’s complete line here!

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