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Is your nightstand a favorite place of yours? That sounds crazy, I know. But I firmly believe your nightstand should be a zen space for you, and therefore a favorite spot. It’s an easy spot over which to lose control. So here are my simple ideas for nightstand organization to create that zen space.

Nightstand Organization

Why does your nightstand matter so much? If you think about it, your nightstand is the last thing you see before you go to sleep and the first thing you see in the morning. Since sleep is such an integral part of our health and happiness, shouldn’t this area be peaceful?

Whether your nightstand is big or small, you should still only have a very few things there and they should each have a space.

The Citizenry

1. Keep it Simple

How much is on top of your nightstand? And in the drawer and/or on the shelves? If you can’t even see under all your stuff, it’s too much!

A nightstand should only hold the items you need/want every night just before bed and every morning just after waking up.

So what should be on your nightstand?

My husband and I each have a small lamp on our nightstands (and isn’t this easy DIY woven lamp shade adorable?). It honestly takes up the most space and I think that’s ok. But if you’re putting this space together, a smaller lamp is always better (provided it gives you enough light to read).

Some people argue that you shouldn’t charge your phone by your bed since it can hinder sleep. This one is personal. I charge my phone/keep it on my nightstand, but I don’t spend much time on my phone before bed.

If you’re a book reader, then your book can take up a bulk of the space. I always have a book on mine!

The other necessitie? I keep a small ring dish on my nightstand for my jewelry that I wear everyday and take off just before bed. Truthfully, I have too many things on my ring dish. I have to clean it off periodically. Besides my rings, I keep my chapstick on here, which I use every single night.

Honestly, beyond that…I will always have a small notebook and pen in my drawer. I don’t use this one all the time, but I do sometimes get ideas in bed and want to jot them down (without being on my phone). And then my hand cream, which I use intermittently, but I do only use it before bed.

Anything else? Not much. All our needs before/after bed vary, but I’m trying to be much more mindful of what I do actually need during those times. Is there anywhere else an item could be kept? If so, then keep it there instead!

West Elm Deep Green, Circular Nightstand

Juniper Green Brass Nightstand

2. Keep it Clear

The main goal with all of this nightstand organization is to have a stress-free spot to begin and end each day. Don’t let your nightstand clutter your sleep or your day. Let simplicity be the guide here and keep this space clear of clutter!

West Elm Wood Nightstand with 3 Drawers

Wood Nightstand in White/Cane + Bronze

3. Keep it Clean

My nightstand is always dusty and it’s so frustrating! While there may not be clutter to cloud my dreams, that dust leaves a sense of unfinished business about my day. Not a good thing.

Short of buying nightstands that aren’t dark wood and show every speck of dust, I have to work at keeping the space clean. Besides the surfaces of your nightstand, be sure to give the lamp and other items a quick wipe!

West Elm Metalwork Nightstand - Simple Organization

Metalwork Nightstand Steel Finish

4. Keep it for you

I think it’s ok to get a little selfish with your nightstand. This is your space, physically, and we’re worried about your mental space, so stake a claim on your space. 

It’s easy to think organization is a big ole process, but this nightstand organization is mostly about the elimination of extra items. Flowers may be pretty, but they take up space and once they start to wilt, they aren’t likely bringing happiness. 

Unless a candle is part of your entire bedtime routine, it doesn’t have a place on your nightstand.

If you’re in the middle of a few books…pick one to keep there. Don’t get bogged down with all the reading you need/want to do. I like to keep future reads on the shelf below. And once you’re done with a book, move it along to a new spot!

Get Started on Your Nightstand Organization

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