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Best Women's Pajama Set

If there is one underrated item in our lives, it’s probably sleepwear. Honestly, we want comfort, we want fit, we, of course want cute, and I certainly want long-lasting. Well, it turns out I have found the absolute best pajama set for women (available for men too actually) and they have a cut for EVERY season.

Best Pajama Set

It used to be hard for me to find pajamas. Namely because, just like with jean shorts, I wanted something that wasn’t TOO short or too long. Just a nice, basic midi-ish length. Finding that proved to be incredibly difficult – I don’t know why.

Then about 5 years ago, I spotted this tank top and shorts combo in a catalog at my mom’s house and had to try them.

I know the The Company Store for great bedding. My mom has used them for years and she seriously has the cutest and best quality of bedding! So I thought their pjs would be worth a shot.

Spoiler alert: THEY WERE/ARE AMAZING!!

Made of 100% pima cotton, they’re really soft. They’re also not paper thin, which I love.

After quickly falling in love with the best pajama set, I went looking for more and found out that they offered a number of cuts, styles, and colors – ever-growing.

So now I have two tank top sets, a short sleeve top, a cropped pants and ¾ sleeve set, and the long sleeve and pants set. This might seem excessive, but they are the only pajamas I wear; I cycle through them throughout the year; and I love that I can mix and match them depending on the weather and my needs.

See me wear them year round pjs video!

I haven’t yet tried the jogger pants or the pockets with shorts (that’ll be happening soon) and they have a nightshirt for those of you who prefer that style!

And, yes, as I mentioned above, these come in 2 color options for men – in the short sleeve and pants set.

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