Eartheasy Cedar Garden Beds

Eartheasy gifted me these cedar garden beds to review. All opinions are my own.

Eartheasy Cedar Garden Beds - Luci Sitting on Side

During the 18 month backyard ADU building process, we didn’t have a backyard. While we missed the ability to even walk out our back door, we also missed having a backyard area. But what I missed the most was my garden.

I never had a big garden, but that space and the serenity it offers (most of the time) were missing. I kept holding my breath to get some raised beds and start planting more.

Eartheasy Cedar Garden Beds with plant starts

Cedar Garden Beds

I’d previously had big pots for gardening in the backyard (see them in my gardening accessories post). They were great, but I wanted more space and the ability to add in drip irrigation.

When we started working with our Sacramento-based landscaper on the backyard, my first and biggest concern was my garden bed. They didn’t have to be fancy; I knew they wouldn’t be HUGE; but they were the most important thing to me.

Working with the space we had, he planned out 2 beds, each 8 feet by 2 feet. Though he offered to build them, I’d had my eye on these natural cedar beds. They’re made in the US and coated with a non-toxic waterproof sealant, so I don’t have to worry about them staining with watering or contaminating my garden.

Since I was nervous about assembling them myself (which we didn’t end up doing!!), I wanted something easy to assemble.

Best Planter Bed Kits

I know there are options for building your own planter beds, but we don’t have the tools; I don’t have the experience; and I didn’t have the biggest urge (I had no urge) to build them myself. I just wanted to garden!

Though the product page promises that the beds “assemble in minutes, no tools required,” I scrolled down the reviews for some real talk.

And the reviews backed up the statement! Easy to assemble. When the bed pieces showed up (economically packaged in boxes to eliminate any extra space/weight), it took less than an hours to put them together!

How long do these Cedar Planter Beds Last?

Eartheasy offers a 3 year warranty on the beds, or a 5 year warranty if you get the trim kit (the supportive corner pieces). I think those corner pieces really make these beds look sleek, but they offer wonderful support too.

Reviews from people who own these beds, say they last longer than 5 years. It depends on drainage and how humid/moist your climate is!

Eartheasy Cedar Garden Beds with plant starts

What sizes do these beds come in?

The beds we got are 8’x2’x22″. Our landscaper selected the width and length, and I opted for a taller height to avoid having to bend over too much. They’re lovely.

You can make the beds into a variety of measurements/shapes. Widths vary between 2,3, and 4 feet. Lengths range from 2-20 feet. And height options are 5.5″, 11″, 16.5″, 22″, 27.5″, and 30″. Not all combinations are available, but most are.

They also offer L-shaped, U-Shaped, and elevated options – so many raised bed options!! All your bases are covered.

Eartheasy Cedar Garden Beds with plant starts

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