Article Dining Table Review

A few years ago, we were gifted a dining room table and chair set from article. Last week I received a comment from someone who found LM on Google. She asked how my table was holding up. It’s so easy to move on from items and forget to share them, so I thought an article furniture review, specifically our article dining table, would be a good idea – no this isn’t sponsored AT ALL.

article dining table furniture review

article. furniture review

what is article?

If your Instagram feed has seen ads for article, then you may not be familiar with the brand. The furniture company describes itself as a direct to consumer furniture company, eliminating all the “middlemen” to get you quality items at a decreased price.

They sell furniture for indoor and outdoor use…and their selection is expanding like crazy. And I kind of want it all. We have some plans in the (early, early) works for our backyard and garage. Their selection of outdoor furniture is all droolworthy. When the time comes we are going to have a difficult time picking just the right thing!

dining room in brown with gray/blue chairs - article table furniture review

Article Dining Table Review

So when we first got the furniture I shared our review of the article dining table. I couldn’t have told you at the time how the table would hold up – only that we were very impressed with it’s quality and look at the beginning.

So. It’s been close to two years since we added this to our home…

It was perfect in our LA apartment. Then we packed it up and moved it 400 miles to unload it into our new home…where it is again perfect!

The table and chairs have held a lot of meals and the chairs have held up a number of humans. They’re all still going strong. And they look quite good with C’s high chair if I do say so myself! {See more about our “baby decor”}

The oscuro table we have is only available in an expandable version now. As we start entertaining more in our new home, an extendable table would be a wonderful addition. Instead we’ll just all be cuddling around the table as needed!

We also have these Chanel chairs and I love them! The navy/gray with walnut legs are such a versatile addition to our decor and they’re comfortable!

With such luck with these dining room pieces, I’m quite excited to look for outdoor items from them as we fix up that space of our new home!

Again, this article furniture review isn’t sponsored or associated with article in anyway. I do hope to work with them again in the future, but this is something I just wanted to share to help those of you looking for furniture and/or wondering about this brand that may be new to you.

Article Dining Table Review

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  1. 5 stars
    Hi! Thanks for the updated review on this table. It looks like Article is no longer selling it – must be a recent change. 🙁

    Do you happen to know when they discontinued it? I love the design and it looks like it’s held up really well!

    1. Oh no! I’m not sure when they discontinued, but it must have been a pretty recent thing (I try to keep an eye on these things). Might be worth contacting them to see if it will come back in stock? I’d like to think all their products would hold up similarly, but I can’t tell you that from personal experience. xo Luci

  2. 5 stars
    I’m looking at the same table and also have kids. Is the table kid friendly/ heavily varnished? Meaning do I have to use a coaster every time I place a glass of water on the surface? That is practically impossible with kids. But, I really like how it looks. I just need it to realistic of how it will fit into my life. Thanks!

    1. The table isn’t HEAVILY varnished. It’s definitely shown some wear (where our kiddo eats), but we do basically no protection and I haven’t been great at putting a polish or anything on it. I don’t even do placemats, no coasters – nothing. I think it could stand up quite well to everyday family wear and tear, but I don’t want to promise you perfection. If you’d like, I can send you photos of our table now via email or Instagram (@lucismorsels)

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