My Summer Makeup

Natural Summer Makeup

I love summer makeup. That seems silly, but my face actually has some color, so I don’t feel the pressure to create contour and variation – or basically make myself look healthy and normal like I do in colder months.

While my minimalist makeup routine doesn’t change much season to season, it has fewer products and a much lighter weight moisturizer/foundation situation – so much easier.

You can also see my clean beauty skincare routine as well as my go to non toxic hair products!

Summer MakeUp

Minimalist makeup - non toxic - Beautycounter priming serum


This glow first priming serum goes on smoothly, giving you luminous, moisturized skin to leave on its own or to top with makeup. I’ve been mixing it with 1-2 drops of this squalene oil for added moisture.

The squalene oil can be added to any product or applied on its own. Use code LUCI20 for 20% off your purchase.

Daybird - Best Clean Tinted Moisturizer


I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s perfectly lightweight, offers 50 SPF, and the container is curbside recyclable! I think it’s the best clean tinted moisturizer!

Use code LUCI15 for 15% off your purchase.

See more non toxic sunscreen recommendations for face and body!

Remember that makeup performs better with healthier skin. See my AM skincare routine, my favorite winter skin care routine, and the benefits of facial serum.


This is my first blush stick and I LOVE it – if only because it doesn’t require a separate brush. This Westman Atelier blush stick (I use couchette) requires just one swipe on each cheek. Then either dab it in for a very subtle color!

Watch my video for how to apply a blush stick.

Minimalist Makeup - Beautycounter highlighting balm


A creamy highlighting balm stays moisturized all day long and doesn’t settled into skin. Swirl 4th finger and tap onto cheeks bones, around outer eye, on bridge of nose, and across forehead!

Try this Day Glow Stick for a stick application – apply like the blush stick above.

Summer Makeup - Blonde Eyebrow Pencil


I go through phases with eyebrow gel or pencils. Recently I’ve been using this eyebrow pencil. It is beautifully packaged with a spool wand. The product is actually slanted and the blonde color is perfect on me.

GenSee Mascara - Summer Makeup


So. My mascara is the one product that HAS to be perfect – non toxic makeup or otherwise. I have sensitive eyes but want good coverage. I’ve tried a few clean options (read my natural mascara reviews) and have had mixed experiences.

My favorite is the Gen See Sport mascara. It has a fiber wand which I’m more used to; it doesn’t flake; and it’s everything I need.

Natural Lip Gloss

And then I don’t wear much lipstick, just one of these natural lip balms or chapsticks and I’m all set! My go to for a touch of colors these days is this lip whip. If you like shine, see this list of natural lip glosses!

Looking for summer skincare? You’ll love that list of must-have products and best practices for that truly au natural summer look!

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