Int’l In-Flight Skin Care

International Flight Skin + Beauty Care
Long flights are my least favorite part of international travel. I’m good for about four hours and then, if I can’t sleep, I’m the kid telling everyone (mainly just T) that I’m bored. I discovered the hard way on our trip to Italy last year that I do much better on flights that leave later in the day. Later flights give me time to move around and possibly workout beforehand.

Despite my inability to sit still and the changing time zones, I try to keep my skin, health, and beauty routine in check.

Obviously I can’t wash my face in the mini-bathroom and I won’t be making friends if I stay in the bathroom for 20 minutes. Instead I have some cheats to help me with my in-flight skin care and beauty routine…

International Flight Skin + Beauty Care

In-flight skin care

For my face, try these unscented face wipes – they’re soft on my skin and very effective. I can take off my makeup at my seat. Remember that most wipes aren’t flushable, so just throw these in a trash bin!

Because I can’t get my normal skin creams through the security check, I like to bring samples that I’ve received in online beauty orders (Nordstrom, Sephora, and Osmia do this), which I can also apply at my seat.

International Flight Skin + Beauty Care

Best Travel Toothbrush

I can’t imagine flying without my toothbrush on such a long flight. I really enjoy traveling with this portable electric toothbrush. It’s great because it’s so small and fits in my dopp kit (my regular toothbrush is just too big).

While the head is a bit small, the power of the bristles makes up for the small size. It runs on one battery, which makes it great for travel. It also comes in fun colors and has a cover so you don’t have to worry about bristle hygiene!

You can find the travel size toiletries of toothpaste at Target and this is my normal floss. See my picks for the best travel bottles and containers!

International Flight Skin + Beauty Care

I also include my favorite natural hand cream (preferably unscented), medications/aspirin, and deodorant to keep me going in the right direction! 

International Flight Skin + Beauty Care

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