Birkenstock Mayari Outfit

Mayari Birkenstocks Outfit with Jeans

This Birkenstock Mayari outfit has been a lifesaver recently – and I assume for many months to come (even beyond pregnancy). These sandals are such great support for my growing body and perfect for summer!

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Mayari Birkenstocks Outfit with Jeans

Birkenstock Mayari Outfit

Ok. So about this look. So, so comfortable and perfect for my current status. Two things.

First. I bought these birkenstocks last summer as I was looking for a pair of supportive sandals that would be kind to my feet, high arch, and tight calves. They were perfect. And since sandal season started, I’ve been wearing them almost nonstop!

Second. When I first found out I was pregnant, I imagined I’d wear a lot of my button down shirts over tanks and tees in most of my pregnancy outfits. Somewhere along the line, I forgot that idea, however. Until recently that is.

Mayari Birkenstocks Outfit with Jeans

My button down shirts (and button up shirts for that matter) certainly don’t close around me anymore, but they fit PERFECTLY over my stretchy tanks. I have a feeling this situation, with the necessary tank tops, will take me through the summer and early fall too!!

So don’t be surprised if you see me in a chambray and Birkenstock Mayari outfit a lot in the coming months.

Chambray with Black Jeans

How Should Birkenstocks Fit?

When trying on Birkenstocks, you want your foot to sit nicely (not tight or loose) into the foot bed. If you’re hanging over the back or front, go up a size or two. If you too wide for th footbed, check into their wider fits (available in many of their styles). If you’re romy side to side, then look at their narrow fits.

The straps are ideal for getting your foot (and keeping it) in the footbed. When you first get Birkenstocks, the straps should be snug but not constricting. As yourwear loosens them, you’ll be able to get just the fit.

Get this Birkenstock Mayari Outfit. . .

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