Shirt Dress Outfit to Love

 Long Shirt Dress Outfit as Jacket

When picking pieces out for my sustainable fashion collection with wearwell, this Anaya Dress was the first thing I picked out. I loved the classic yet statement pattern and the whole vibe of it. As I was thinking of easy ways to rewear the piece, to make it more versatile, wearing the long shirt dress as a jacket was sort of a last option. Little did I know this look would become my favorite of them all!

Black Shirt & Jeans with Shirt Dress as Jacket

Shirt Dress Outfit

I adore the look of long sleeve, longer shirt dresses (see this denim shirt dress look). They just scream some sort of approachable elegance that I can’t get enough of. But I’m not the best at wearing dresses when it’s cold (thankfully I now know how to layer under dresses and I do have this tights and dress favorite these day). And, honestly, long sleeve dresses are too hot when the weather warms up…

Or so I was thinking. Until I tried wearing this shirt dress, unbuttoned, as an outer layer!

We’re still in the ends of winter here in Northern California, so temperatures aren’t that warm. And while I’m ready for some tshirts, it’s just not time yet.

 Long Shirt Dress Outfit as Jacket

So for my first shirt dress outfit, I layered it over a fitted black top and my favorite black wash jeans. Were it colder that day, I easily could’ve slid my thermal tights under my jeans and added a scarf.

As the weather warms up (I’ve been very busy daydreaming about it), the layers can lessen to tank tops, looser fits, and even shorts! This would also be a great piece of outerwear for a simple black maxi dress in the spring and summer!

Long Shirt Dress Outfits

The option to wear a shirt dress as a jacket isn’t limited to long dresses! Short, midi, and maxi all make great options – just play around with it. There are a lot of fall dresses you can play around with to be more versatile like this look!

What I like about the long shirt dress outfit, however, is that understated elegance and it seems fitting for late winter/early spring. For summer outfits, I’d probably go for shorter dresses.

Sustainable Accessories

As big as I am about buying good quality clothing, I’m equally adamant about good accessories. Whether it’s great hats to spice up your wardrobe, fabulous purses, or jewelry, I think you should invest only in pieces you’ll get a lot of use out of – and plan to use them for years and years to come.

This Rattan handled purse is one of my favorite accessories in my sustainable fashion collection with wearwell. It has that effortless spring/summer look, but don’t underestimate it’s sturdy construction! It’s incredibly well made. The wood handles and vegan leather keep this option as the perfect accessory to hand on hand (literally!).

Elegant Rattan Bag with Vegan Leather

wearwell Sustainable Fashion website

I’ve been raving about wearwell for a while now, but a friendly reminder… wearwell is a website devoted to only selling items from brands focused on doing better for people and better for the planet.

Every brand is individually selected, pieces are curated, and it’s a single destination for better shopping (including a slew of sustainable denim brands)! Wearwell makes sure that the companies are prioritizing workers’ rights and minimizing environmental impact before they can be sold.

Outfit Details

See these jeans dressed up a bit in this brown boots and black jeans ensemble – perfect for colder temps – and this casual mom outfit!

More Late Winter/Early Spring Outfits

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