The Best Organic Cotton Tshirts

Organic Cotton Tshirt with shorts + sandals

I love a good tshirt. I mean, who doesn’t. If done right, they should be comfortable and so easy to wear and style. Since good tee are usually made of cotton, it’s easy to swap them out for an organic cotton tshirt!

organic cotton tshirt with leather jacket, jeans, and heels

Organic Cotton Tshirt Brands

I’ve talk about organic women’s clothing a lot. Just as we think about the health of the soil and our bodies in trying to eat organic produce, we should similarly consider organic in the fibers grown for our clothing.

The conversation of organic stretches to grains for alcohol, linings for purses, and materials for beds, including organic latex mattresses!

So with that in mind, here are a slew of organic cotton tshirts, with an asterisk* by the ones I own and love.

Berkeley Organic Cotton Tee

Berkeley Organic Cotton Tee*

Ethically Produced

Softspun Crew Neck Tee

Softspun Crew Neck Tee

Fair Trade Certified Factory

Malcom T-Shirt

Malcom T-Shirt

GOTS Certified & Certified B Corp

Conrad T-Shirt

Conrad T-Shirt*

GOTS Certified & Certified B Corp

Eleanor Baby Rib Tee

Eleanor Baby Rib Tee

Ethically Produced

Limited Edition Le Bon Her Tee Embroidered

Le Bon Her Embroidered Tee

Small batch manufacturing & sustainable packaging

Organic Pima Cotton Jersey Round Neck T-Shirt

Organic Pima Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton & Certified B Corp

L'Oasis Souvenir T-Shirt Vintage

L’Oasis Souvenir T-Shirt Vintage

GOTS Certified Organic & Certified B Corp

Featherweight Slub Oversized Tee

Featherweight Slub Oversized Tee

Fair Trade Certified Factory

Women's Easy Crew

Women’s Easy Crew

Certified OEKO-TEX dyes and natural fibers & Certified B Corp

Sustainable Fashion

Want more sustainable fashion? One of the best ways to live sustainably is to rewear pieces again and again!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of cotton anything and especially organic cotton! Having that great cotton tee is a must for me- this blog is a great compilation of vendors so thanks for sharing!

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