Burberry Sneaker Outfit

Burberry Outfit Ideas - Slide in Burberry Sneakers

I’ve been on a “rediscovering things in my closet” rampage lately. It’s starting to make me feel silly, but I just love it! These Burberry sneakers are at least five years old, but I think more. And now they’re on closet repeat!

I remember seeing them at Nordstrom and falling in love but alas they were way too expensive. A few months later, by some magical twist of fate, I found them on the sale rack in my size and nabbed them up.

I wore them quite a bit. I remember I had black, grey, and tan outfits that I’d match perfectly to my shoes…but I only ever wore them with bootcut jeans. 

Burberry Outfit Ideas - Slide in Burberry Sneakers

Over the last few years, I’ve turned to wearing primarily skinny jeans. I’d look at these sneakers in my closet and long to wear them, but thought they’d look silly with my skinny jeans – looking big, flat, and super unflattering.

For whatever reason, I pulled them out last weekend when I had these skinny jeans on and almost died when I saw that it didn’t look dumb at all! I’ve since been kicking myself at how many missed Burberry outfit ideas I had to wear these awesome shoes over the last few years. Alas, at least they feel like new again and I can enjoy wearing them with my current wardrobe!

Burberry Outfit Ideas - Slide in Burberry Sneakers

Brown Leather Jacket | Ralph Lauren Lace Bib Shirt
Citizens of Humanity Jeans (similar jeans) | Burberry Sneakers (updated slide sneaker)
Natalie Frigo Necklace | Prada Handbag | Elizabeth & James Sunnies

The updated men’s slide in sneaker is similar to the pair shown here. And the kiddo sneakers are ADORABLE!! You could get the whole family decked out!

Burberry Outfit Ideas - Slide in Burberry Sneakers

Burberry Outfit Ideas

Burberry’s classic colors of tan, black, white, and a hint of red are actually quite easy to match. Let the print be your “pop of color,” if you will, and pair it with matching neutrals.

I obviously opted for black and tan, but black and white or white and tan would be perfect. If you’re brave, you can wear red too. I just don’t own enough red to merit that sort of matchmaking (the sartorial kind). Maybe I’ll work up to my red beret though!

Burberry Outfit Ideas - Slide in Burberry Sneakers

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