Dried Flower Decor

Dried flower decor? Ummmm, yes! So, I didn’t understand the dried flower thing until recently. Fresh flowers are so gorgeous and they smell so pretty, why would I want a bouquet of dried flowers?? But now I’m wildly obsessed with the idea!

{dried flowers via Pixie Dust Flower Farm}

Dried Flower Decor Ideas

I think it all started with Lauren of Pixie Dust Flower Farm – a somewhat new flower farm who dried many of the flowers on her experimental first year. Funny enough, I connected with Lauren getting gorgeous pumpkins for my succulent & pumpkin front porch decor, but we quickly got to flowers.

I started just loving the vibe of her bunches and bunches of dried flower bouquets. And then she started selling mini wreaths with minimalist dried flower decor. I even bought one for my sister, I was so obsessed!

And then I just started seeing dried flowers everywhere…

The top picture is from Mast Coffee – one of my favorite cafes in Sacramento. I noticed that dried bouquet about when I fell in love with dried flowers…and that same bouquet is still there! Yeah. One year later. Scratch that. Two years? An all natural, (hopefully local, sustainably grown) decor idea! Mind blown.

Then more recently, Betty Wine Bar (seen in this black mules outfit), opened up and what did they have? Mini bouquets (not sure it’s even big enough to be called a bouquet) of dried flowers on each of the tables. AND HOW CUTE!!!

Dried Flower Decor - Bouquet Idea

{Wedding Bouquet of Dried Flowers via Love my Dress}

DIY Dried Flowers

Whenever I finally get a garden in our backyard (it’s soon), I want to focus on produce, but I also want to experiment with a few flowers! And besides some flower arrangements in our house – arrangements seems to big of a word here, but you get it – I want to try drying some.

I assume my drying rack will be a good place to dry fresh herbs as well as dried flowers for decor!

Dried Flower Decor - Vases by Large Mirror

{Mirror & Dried Flower Vase Decor via West Elm Blog}

Dried Flower Decor - On hat

{Hat decorated with dried flowers – photo via Vessel + Stem}

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