White Shirt & Khaki Pants

Khaki Pants Outfit with White Shirt for Women

These fun pants are my go to spring, summer, and fall. With an easy change of top, I can make a white shirt with khaki pants outfit work for basically any occasion.

Last week, I drove through the Southwest with my mom. The lowest high we saw was in the low 90s (with humidity) and the highest was 104, I think (with almost zero humidity). I came home to LA to be reunited with my June gloom (60s and overcast) and back to pants and a light jacket for at least a few weeks!

I poked fun at my husband that he was crazy to try to wear shorts in June! Give it a few weeks (usually July 4th) and then it’ll be shorts nonstop through September and October! 

Khaki Pants Outfit with White Shirt for Women

Ralph Lauren Shirt | BP CamisoleNatalie Frigo Necklace
Kayla Khaki Pants | Louise et Cie Heels | Givenchy Sunnies | Marc Jacobs Bag (similar)

If you don’t remember the story of these pants, these were my $20 bargain find on a sale rack in a very small shop in St-Remy in Provence on our honeymoon. They were more an impulse purchase than anything else and they’re now going into their third season with me; I’m still in love with them!

Gold Antler Necklace by Natalie Frigo

white shirt with khaki pants

The first time I shared them with you, I went on a hunt online to find similar pairs. I found one pair with a price tag over $300. Madness! I’m now starting to see the splattered trend a little more, however.

And I’ve seen that Rag & Bone has a splattered style coming out soon, so the trend must be on it’s way back into our world! I’m happy to be so prepared!

Khaki Pants Outfit with White Shirt for Women

what color shirt goes with khaki pants

The wonderful thing about khaki is how versatile it is. I usually opt for a white or black top in my khaki pants outfits. Well, honestly, I’m usually wearing a white or black top no matter the bottoms, so there’s that to keep in mind.

This pairing of khaki pants and white tops is just a solid combination. I used the same idea in my post on how to wear green pants. Check out these men’s white work shirts for starters!

I do love pinks and navy with these pants too, though, so the options are fairly endless.

If you have green chinos or khakis, check out this black mules outfit with green khakis as well as this classic, dressed up green chinos outfit.

sustainable jewelry

This antlers necklace is a piece by Natalie Frigo. I bought it a few years ago and it’s consistently been part of my everyday jewelry arsenal. It’s made of upcycled gold and the vibe is just perfect for me.

Want to learn more? You’ll enjoy this piece about sustainable jewelry and better jewelry care!

Khaki Pants Outfit with White Shirt for Women

Get this white shirt with khaki pants Outfit. . .

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