Best Clean Tinted Moisturizer

best clean tinted moisturizer

If you only want to read one paragraph, let me just remind you first and foremost that you (everyone) should wear sunscreen on their face every day. And you’ll absolutely love this Daybird tinted SPF in a recyclable container – it’s the best clean tinted moisturizer. If you need a little more, here is my Daybird skincare review…

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best clean tinted moisturizer

Best Clean Tinted Moisturizer

I actually fell in love with this brand last year and then they ran out as they scaled up their small business (everybody loved the product). But it’s back!!

This isn’t the first clean tinted moisturizer I’ve fallen in love with, I’ll be honest, but what I love about this one (besides that it lives up to everything I want in an everyday spf) is that the container is curbside recyclable. Use it all up (and love it), then recycle the bottom portion of the container – the cap goes in the trash or to special makeup recycling.

Here’s my before/after so you can see the kind of coverage the Daybird spf provides. It isn’t a full blown foundation (see my clean makeup routine if you want clean spf foundation), and that’s great, because most days, I just want an SPF that makes me look a little done up with basically zero work.

Why zero work? Because this tinted spf is actually the final step in my AM skincare routine. Besides serving as my face sunscreen, however, the daybird tinted skincare is actually a lot more.

Best Clean Tinted Moisturizer Shades

While my skin is on the lighter side, I have warm undertones. And because it’s the middle of summer, and I’m outside everyday (yes, with sunscreen), I’m sitting between shade 1.5/light and shade 2.5/medium in Daybird. I was worried the medium was too dark when I first applied it, but when I rubbed it in enough and made sure to blend it around the edges, it’s fine. I’ll be perfectly in the light shade for the rest of the year, however.

They only have three shades currently, but are planning to expand their selection. On the product page, I find the examples of people wearing the shade to be the most helpful.

If you’re still unsure, contact them or send an IG message their way. They’ll get back to you STAT!

Daybird Tinted Skincare

Daybird skincare (and this is the only product they offer at the moment – available in 3 shades) claims to be a 4-in-1 product, serving as a serum, moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen.

As I mentioned above, it doesn’t really act as a foundation for me (though I don’t want it too). Since Sacramento is a dry environment, I also need to use a different moisturizer (usually one of my favorite face oils in the morning). BUT I do like that it adds even an extra layer of moisture protection.

As for the serum component, it contains two ingredients – niacinamide (a vitamin B3 antioxidant to help with smoother skin) and Bisabolol (a chamomile extract to reduce inflammation and even skin tone).

And since I’m here for any and all of the benefits of a facial serum, I’m doing a happy dance.

Recyclable Skincare Packaging

I’m all about sustainable living and I’m a firm believer that clean beauty is part of sustainable living. On a basic level, it gets washed down the drain into our water supply, but it’s also important to look at sourcing and ingredients.

One thing I’ve largely had to overlook when it comes to shopping for clean beauty and non toxic makeup brands, however, is the packaging. Skincare and makeup are usually very difficult to recycle. And, if we’re being honest, there’s only so many ways and times you can wash and reuse glass containers, so the fact that Daybird skincare is curbside recyclable is great!

How, you ask? The plastic bottle is metal-free, so it’s just a single type of plastic – easily recycled. Simply use it all up and then toss in recycling! The cap is the only thing that can’t be recycled at home.

best clean tinted moisturizer

Daybird Skincare Cost

At full price, Daybird is just under $40 with free shipping and returns. You can use code LUCI15 for 15% off your first order to get it down to under $35. And man is it worth the cost.

I use it 5 days per week on average and ran out of the product 5 months later. Even if we round down to 4 months because it wasn’t everyday use, that’s pretty fantastic!

It’s also become an essential in my summer beauty routine!

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How to Apply Tinted Moisturizer

This and all tinted moisturizer/SPFs are easy to apply. I like to apply to my hands, rubbing product between fingers and palms to warm it up. Then in upward strokes, starting at my chin, apply it into my face. I often pat along the way to let my hand warmth really help it set in.

And don’t forget to go upward form your neck too – you don’t want a (albeit subtle) ‘makeup’ line!

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