July 26, 2016

Mediterranean Salad w. Whole Grains

Mediterranean Quinoa, Cucumber, Pepper, + Onion Salad Recipe | Vegan, Dairy Free BBQ Potluck Dish | Luci's Morsels :: LA Healthy Food Blogger
This Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is actually an old recipe on the blog, but it's still a favorite. There are quite a few older recipes for which I want to update the photos, but that is a very slow process, I've discovered. I love salads (warm and cold) with veggies and whole grains year round. With just one or two changes each time, it can actually seem as though you're eating an entirely new salad...

July 25, 2016

Chicly Chambray

Chicly Chambray| How to Wear Denim on Denim | 70s Jeans Fashion | Luci's Morsels :: LA Women's Fashion BloggerSilver Jeans Flare Denim (c/o) | Silver Jeans Chambray Top (similar)
Assorted Jewelry (loving these cuff bracelets and these statement rings)

July 22, 2016

Lemonade Recipe Roundup

Lemonade Recipe Roundup | Fresh Peach Lemonade | Luci's Morsels :: LA Food Blogger
I'm a big fan of my sangrias especially in the summer, but sometimes you need something refreshing midday and wine cocktail concoctions just aren't ok! I hardly ever order lemonade out, but I love making homemade varieties where I can control the sugar and use fresh produce or good quality juices to mix up the flavor. With these warm temps, I feel like I could chug an entire pitcher of each of these lemonades, but I'll try to exercise some self control!