October 22, 2014

Easy Braided Hairdo Tutorial

Easy Small Braided Hairdo Tutorial | Luci's Morsels

I have a tendency to get stuck in a rut with hairdos - usually wearing it straight or in my braided bun. On my birthday, I was fixing my hair for dinner and came up with this easy and fast small braid - I think it was all the happiness that inspired the quick creativity. I shared it on Instagram here. My hair is just straightened and down, but this braid nicely keeps my hair out of my face. It's a fairly fast and easy option for any occasion!

October 21, 2014

Honey Cardamom Bundt Cake | Recipe Remix

Honey Cardamom Bundt Cake | Recipe Remix for Holiday Meals via @lucismorsels

I've come to the horrible/great realization in life that sweet loaf breads and cake aren't that much different. It's horrible because I like to call pieces of banana bread and pumpkin bread breakfast and snack sometimes and the calories and fat are just the same as enjoying a piece of cake. Sad face. I do choose to ignore that annoying fact sometimes because my life is that much happier with these tasty treats in the morning. On the positive side, however, the similarities between breads and cakes means that I can make one recipe look like a bunch of different things by baking it in a different pan!

October 20, 2014

Weekend Wear

Weekend Wear w. @ctznsofhumanity skinny jeans

On Saturday we took our getaway to Santa Barbara. It wasn't quite as much fun as last time without my sister and niece, but we still enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. We walked around the shops and ate delicious food. There's just something so nice and carefree about this California coastal town; We just can't get enough!