May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Outfit Ideas | What I Wore to Work/Meetings to be Patriotic | Red, White, + Blue Outfits | Luci's Morsels :: LA Women's Fashion Blog
I'm ready for Summer Break! Isn't everybody? The class I'm teaching is ending in a few weeks (how did the quarter fly by so quickly), but work and the daily to-dos still remain. Yet, I'm finding myself counting down to something... something that certainly kicks off with the three day Memorial Weekend, right?!

We're actually off to a wedding this weekend and then hanging around West LA. No specific plans yet, but we're hoping for a good balance of fun and possibly some work on my end!! Hopefully the right amount of relaxing and sleep will recharge me for upcoming travel - I am in constant need of a nap these days...

I will have the energy to whip up my patriotic yogurt waffles this weekend, however, because they're so easy and so cute. Oh, and because we still have a crazy amount of berries from our annual fruit run last weekend!

Wishing you all a fun and safe weekend!

May 26, 2016

TMZ Celebrity Tour

TMZ Celebrity Tour from the Grove + Hard Rock Cafe | What to Do in LA | Best Hollywood Tour | Luci's Morsels :: LA California Travel Blogger
Since moving to LA two years ago, I've enjoyed finding activities and destinations that weren't related to "the industry" as entertainment is so cooly referred to here. Favorite beaches, farmers markets, and other cultural components to southern California really do ring my bell. But drive to Hollywood and Highland (think red carpet for the Oscars) for a dinner date and you'll find yourself right in the midst of the very active Hollywood hustle and bustle. TMZ has been the source for celebrity news on TV and online, but did you know about the hilariously, fun TMZ Celebrity Tour?