October 31, 2014

Home Decor | Safari Accents

Chic Home Decor Ideas | Safari Accents | Luci's Morsels

I'm getting on a home decor kick again. It seems to happen every fall, but we also finally selected a photo from our Trip to Italy (start reading about it here) to print and display. It arrived last week and now I'm ready to amp up the rest of our place. Upcoming holiday decorations will keep me distracted for a while, but the itch is returning. I'm always very attracted to clean, white spaces, but brightly colored accent walls and loud prints, like safari prints, always catch my eye. As you can see from the images below, I'm a sucker for zebra, but that dalmatian print wallpaper is my favorite of them all! Any favorites?

Wishing you all a very fun and safe Halloween! You can see a Halloween flashback photo from my younger days and get one of my all time favorite recipes) from last year's Halloween Post!

October 30, 2014

Purple Corduroy | Back in Style

How to Style Purple Corduroy Jeans | Luci's Morsels - LA Denim Blogger {@kutfromthekloth}
When I first saw these purple corduroys in person, I was in shock. They are vibrant. Almost too vibrant - even for a girl who is comfortable in bright blue pants! I decided to pair neutrals with the bright purple and by the time I got outside, they seemed so toned down. Since bright hues and vibrant pants are in style this fall, the lesson here is to not be turned away by the somewhat shocking nature of the pieces. Paired with neutrals, even the brightest of colors can become easy jewel tones!

October 29, 2014

Santa Barbara Day Trip

A Day Trip to Santa Barbara | What to Do and Where to Eat via @lucismorsels
Before moving to LA, I wanted to visit Santa Barbara; I'd heard so many great things that it had to be magical. While it's definitely a coastal beach town, it isn't run down. It's bustling with eating, shopping, and history - basically the trifecta to my happiness when it comes to travel! T and I took a quick trip to Santa Barbara in early January with my sister to visit our niece (a student at UC Santa Barbara) and check out the town. The four of us had such a fantastic day, we've all been dying to go back. Sadly, neither my sister or my niece were available for this last trip, but T and I did manage to enjoy ourselves!