What to Wear with Linen Pants

Linen Pants Outfit Ideas - Casual Summer - tank tucked into linen pants

The wrinkle factor of linen pants always deterred me from trying them out (save my beloved wide leg pants), but two years ago I bought my first everyday pair and I haven’t looked back – they’re my favorite. It did take me awhile to figure out what to wear with linen pants, however.

I truly enjoy their versatility – so many black linen pants outfit ideas have happened – and I love that they have an elegant vibe without any work (heck, I even bust them out a lot when I haven’t shaved)!

What to Wear with Linen Pants

Linen Pants Outfit for Entertaining Guests

So when it comes to the wrinkle factor, darker colors hide them better. You will still have to enter the acceptance phase of linen’s wrinkly nature.

If you’re looking into wrinkle-free linen, understand that there have been other materials added to make them so. Often these materials aren’t eco-friendly (and often some version of a plastic material) – think rayon or polyester.

Linen vs. Organic Linen

The linen pants I found are 100% linen, though I assume the elastic waistband isn’t counted in that math.

I now also know that I should be looking for organic linen only – just like my efforts to wear more organic women’s clothing, but this sustainable living thing is a process as we all know!

I wore a number of linen pant outfits to outdoor happy hours with our neighbors this summer as well as a few indoor gatherings more recently. I loved front-tucking more elegant sleeveless tops to look a bit more dressed up, but still casual.

I only did a front tuck, since this top isn’t fitted and it would look off-balance.

what to wear with linen pants

How to Style Linen Pants

When it came to everyday outfits, however, I did love tucking in a more fitted tank top. Since linen pants are apt to lack a tailored structure, balancing that with the fitted tank worked very well.

And then I have those linen wide leg pants that I love dressing up as well.

And then when it got cooler in the evenings (and even during the day recently), I layered my white linen button up over it. I rolled the sleeves and left the front open.

what to wear with linen pants - dressed up for work with blazer

And when it came to dress up, I actually just wore a black top with my black linen pants and added my trusty plaid blazer (see more similar autumn blazers)! It helped bring the whole linen pant outfit together in a way that wasn’t casual at all.

Linen pants are great in your spring capsule wardrobe as well as you summer wardrobe!

what to wear with linen pants - Linen Pants Lounging Outfit - Luci on the couch

But I would be remiss if I didn’t also talk about what to wear with linen pants for lounging, because these pants are so comfortable, you don’t need to take them off when you get home or at the end of a work day.

I just swapped out my top if needed and got to the busy work of relaxing!

What to Wear with Linen Pants

  • front tuck with elegant tank top
  • full tuck with fitted tank
  • open front white button down shirt
  • fitted tank and blazer for work
  • casual top for lounging

Sustainable Brand Linen Pants to Buy

Looking for your own linen pants? They come in a variety of cuts (silhouettes) and colors. For a tapered linen pant, try these trousers. They’re available in navy, gingham, and a classic khaki. Those are 100% linen, but these tapered pants are 100% organic linen – next level!

For a wider leg, these pull on, drawstring waist pants are perfect! They’re available in black and oatmeal. These pull on pants are also available in a light olive green!

What to Wear with Linen Pants

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