Eyebrow Growth Serum that Works

Back in the early 2000s, my sister helped me pluck my eyebrows into matching brows that were totally in style. Unsurprisingly, the chunky center and thin brow style is gone, but my hair didn’t get the memo, so I’ve had patches where I didn’t need them. Finally last fall, I started using an eyebrow growth serum that works and doesn’t break the bank.

eyebrow growth serum review - neulash brown serum

Eyebrow Growth Serum

You can see my early 2000s brow shape above. Considering how lackadaisical I am about plucking my eyebrows (I recently just started getting them waxed regularly), they’ve certainly had a chance to grow in – and they haven’t.

The eyebrow growth serum I used is the NeuLASH brow serum. I found it initially at Nordstrom and decided to give it a go. The brand also makes an eyelash growth serum (hence the brand name), but the product I have is specifically for brows.

Compared to other brow serums I’ve heard about, this one is much less expensive – half the price of some of them. I actually didn’t know it was so much less expensive until after I’d used it and loved it – and then my esthetician and I were talking about option out there.

NeuLASH coupon code

(I’ve since found it on the company’s website Skin Research Labs. It’s the same price and with free shipping just like the Nordstrom website, but there is a 10% off code on your first purchase. My code was: EMAIL10EgcqZ7)

How to use Eyebrow Growth Serum

The eyebrow growth serum couldn’t be easier to use. The brush, like a mascara fiber wand, helps you brush the product on your brow area. Wherever you want growth, make sure the serum touches that skin. It dries clear.

I like to apply it while my serum sits for a minute before my moisturizer (see my AM skincare routine).

Can You Wear Makeup Over the Serum?

Yep! Let the serum dry (less than a minute) and you’re good to put on a brow pencil or gel!

The 3 photos above show my brows with makeup since I started using the serum (a few days, a month, and two months after starting).

eyebrow growth serum review - neulash brown serum

How long do I have to use the eyebrow growth serum?

The website claims the product will start working in 4-6 weeks and that’s exactly the timeline I experienced. At four weeks, I noticed lots of growth all around my eyebrow area.

You can see some of the extra growth in the photo above (and this was after I’d plucked a little because it was too much)!

I’m on my second tube of Neulash brow serum and I think it’ll probably be my last. I had about 4 weeks between my first tube and my second. I didn’t feel the growth was unruly once I stopped using the first tube, but I noticed my eyebrows feeling much fuller and thicker. My esthetician commented how long my brow hairs were when I went in.

I have a spot on each brow that can use a bit more hair. I’m hoping with the second tube to get those spots as good as I can and then be good to go from here on out.

eyebrow growth serum review - neulash brown serum

Is NeuLASH brown serum clean?

I went to the EWG site to see what score they gave the eyebrow serum. The product itself wasn’t scored, but when I put the ingredient list in, it gave the product a score of 4 (fair) in terms of cleanliness and toxicity.

As an AVID Beautycounter product user, I strive for EWG-verified and scores of 1 or 2 in my skincare and makeup. Because I’d yet to hear great reviews of a clean brow serum and because I don’t plan to use this indefinitely, I was ok with that rating. I’m also a fan of the fact that it works!

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