Casual Layering Outfit

Casual Mom Outfit

My toddler helped me rediscover vests. I know! He’s already giving me fashion advice! 😉 Just kidding. But while he’s not big on tons of layers, he’ll happily wear a vest because they’re easier, lighter, and just as warm. Whether I’m hanging outside with him and in need of a casual mom outfit or on my own – a vest (especially this vest) is it!

Best Sling Bag for Moms

Casual Mom Outfit

When we first moved to Sacramento, I did a massive closet overhaul (i.e. downsize). It was because we didn’t have tons of closet space. I also realized (with my very postpartum body) that I had a lot more clothes than I needed – hello, 6 black blazer/jackets, so I started paring down.

I actually had a decent selection of vests, which were surprisingly difficult to narrow down, but I did my due diligence and did so (my red American Eagle vest from high school made the keep cut though – see it in this navy shirt outfit)!

Casual Mom Outfit

Not long after, I picked out a secondhand vest for our kiddo from ebay. It was a navy blue puffer vest. He still wears it – 3 seasons later. He loves it! While he doesn’t always want to wear a jacket (4 year olds have feedback), he’ll always happily wear a vest – and now I will too!

When you’re doing all the things, a vest keeps you warm without weighing you down. I love wearing a short sleeve, long sleeve, and even a sweater under a vest. And then I can easily wear a jacket over it all when it cools down.

Surprisingly, a vest also adds a bit of style and tailoring to any outfit, so even this casual mom outfit (I now excel at those, by the way) looks rather put together.

Casual Mom Outfit

Casual Mom Outfit Details

Casual Mom Outfit

Best Leather Sling Bag

Since adding this fabulous sling bag to my wardrobe in the fall, I can’t get enough. I wear it over nearly any outfit and even under coats in cooler weather – it’s literally the best sling bag.

It’s by the brand O My Bag – a sustainable leather company based in Amsterdam. The bag is also available in black leather and plant-based leathers. It comes with this black and white knit strap as well as the matching cognac leather one, but I love this one so much more! They also have a whole selection of straps in various materials, patterns, and colors!

Best Sustainable Sling Bag

Besides using sustainable leather practices (tanned without harmful chemicals and omitting the synthetic top coat), the bag is made in an ethical factory and includes organic cotton lining. It’s also just such a well made bag that’s PERFECT. It’s the best leather sling bag!!

Learn more about how to wear a sling bag here!

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Sustainable Fashion

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    1. Hi Shannen! Thank you. I love this vest. I’ve been wearing puffer vest for a few years, but this one is wonderfully light and great for layering!!

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