Nespresso Recipes

Nespresso Recipes

My husband and I are pretty straightforward coffee and espresso drinkers. We don’t do much beyond simple syrup and just old-fashioned milk or half and half, but I’ve seen so many Nespresso recipes – for original and vertuo pods, that I’m planning to start doing more experimenting!

Nespresso Recipes

Nespresso Recipes

Like any delectable coffee concoction at a cafe, these homemade Nespresso recipes add various flavors and ingredients to your brewed espresso. The simpler recipes merely use aerated milk in varying quantities. The more elaborate ones use flavored syrups – see some yummy homemade ones below – as well as cookies crumbles and even cheese!

Is Nespresso Sustainable?

So this is a conversation I’ve had with a few friends. Nespresso has earned B Corp certification (B Corporation meaning) a few years ago, but it was not without negative feedback from other B corp brands.

While a Nespresso pod and machine are not the most sustainable coffee drinking practices, there are some positives AND there are some tips for making it the most sustainable option.

Positives include all the trips and single-use cups for many of us to get a coffee at a coffee shop. Which is rather a lot.

And! They have a FREE recycling program. With aluminum pods and compostable coffee grounds, the pods themselves can be all recycled/composted – and they take care of it for free.

I do wish they had a reusable pod that we could use our own espresso beans in, but since Nespresso hasn’t asked me for my opinion, I wouldn’t hold your breath!

I also know that some people only use their Nespresso with no plans to stop, so instead of getting on any soap boxes, I’m here to help you make it the most sustainable you can! Now for some helpful tips and Nespresso recipes…

Best nespresso capsules for lattes

Nespresso recommends the following capsule flavors for lattes:

Nespresso Original Capsule Recipes

Regardless which machine you have, there are Nespresso recipes for you. Even if one of these is under a category you don’t have, you could certainly try it wth the other machine – just figure out the similar flavored blend.

Campfire Mocha Latte
A COZY Campfire Mocha Latte RECIPE NO CAMPFIRE (OR CAMPING) REQUIRED. Find just the right flavored syrups for this delicious treat!!
Campfire Mocha Nespresso Recipe
Honey Lavender Iced Latte
A homemade honey lavender simple syrups mixes with coconut milk and an original Nespresso pod for a yummy iced drink!
Chocolate Hazelnut Latte
This creamy and cozy Chocolate Hazelnut Latte or Hazelnut Mocha is the perfect drink for cold weather. And it takes just minutes to make!

For Your At Home Coffee Bar…

Vertuo Nespresso Recipes

We currently have the Vertuo machine and I like it quite a bit more. The coffee is a bit creamier in nature (think nitro) rather than a more intense espresso. I almost always use our frother too, not because I want the foam, but adding cold milk or cream to my coffee cools in immediately, so this gives keeps my drink warm!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cortado
A yummy cortado mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon this vertuo Nespresso recipe is a small but flavor packed treat.
Brown Sugar Cortado - Nespresso Recipes
Gingerbread Espresso Martini
The Gingerbread Espresso Martini is a festive twist on the classic Espresso Martini recipe! Gingerbread syrup gives this drink a fun holiday twist, with notes of ginger and molasses. Don’t forget the gingerbread cookie crumbs on the rim for a garnish.

Love homemade syrups for coffee? Try this Starbucks brown sugar syrup!!

Recipes for all Capsules

Flat White
Another delicious combination of simply espresso and milk, this smooth option is a great halfway point between a cortado and a cappuccino!
Turmeric Latte
Made with a Vertuo or classic pod, this turmeric latte adds earthy turmeric – good for inflammation – to your everyday latte for a beautiful and delicious drink!
Tiramisu Cappuccino
Made with a Vertuo or classic pod, this tiramisu Cappuccino is dessert in a glass. Creamy with mascarpone cheese and spiced with speculoos cookies!
Nespresso Recipes - Tiramisu Cappuccino

Coffee Syrup Flavors

Many of these recipes have their own coffee syrup flavors – store bought or homemade, but you know I love the idea of homemade, so here are a few coffee syrup flavors for your own recipe inspiration!

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