Easy DIY Gift Wrap

I have been looking forward to doing this DIY gift wrap ideas post for months! I first came up with the idea in September after my first monthly challenge (for how to recycle plastic bags properly).

Since I don’t consider myself artistic, I did pull in some help, however, so there are ideas for the super artistically talented and ideas for people like…….me!

I’ve spent the last few years just using up all the gift wrap and ribbon I had leftover from previous years! The only thing I purchased were gift tags, but this year, even that is a thing of the past!

DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

So. Here’s the thing. Well a few things, really. First, you don’t have to go ALL IN on the DIY gift wrap ideas. If you already have paper and just want to do the gift tags – great! Or if you’re all about the DIY wrapping paper but don’t have the energy to make tags for everyone – totally fine!

Start with one idea this year. OR just try these ideas on the gifts for those in your home. Remember my sustainability motto – “less is less.” You don’t have to be all or nothing!

And if you’re like me and LOVE the idea of being creative but don’t consider yourself artistic, then do what you can.

I’ve teamed up with one of the most talented ladies I know. She sews almost all of her own clothes and for her daughter as well. It’s fantastic. And it’s totally out of my realm. There’s something for everyone to do and just fun beginning to end!

And since we should all spending more time at home this year, these ideas are a good activity for one or for the whole family!

DIY Gift Wrap Ideas - Fabric Scraps into Tape

DIY Gift Decor with Sarah Hearts

If you’re into bright colors, sewing, and DIY jewelry, then you’re probably already very familiar with Sarah Rivero Khandjian of Sarah Hearts. And if you aren’t, then you can start right now (she’s on Instagram here)!

I discovered Sarah’s work years ago when I was still in Oakland. Her monthly desktop and phone wallpapers were my favorite! Then low and behold, I met her in person about 5 years ago in LA where we’d both relocated with our husbands. Now she has a June-baby just like me (her little girl, June, is one year older than C)!

Every year I ooh and aah as she turns a brown bag into easy, adorable tassels; transforms fabric scraps into decorative tape; repurposes office label dots as simple packaging decoration; and cuts easy monogram letters from scrap cardstock!

DIY Gift Wrap Ideas - Brown Bag into Wrapping paper

DIY wrapping paper

Remember using brown paper bags to wrap your textbooks in high school? I never thought I’d use that skill after graduation…and now I’m bringing it back for some DIY wrapping paper and gift bags! 

If you’ve been saving paper bags big and small with the hopes to reuse them (and your stash is still ever-growing), you’re in luck!

I’ll be joining EcoParent for this totally doable DIY activity. I’ll share fun ideas for how to decorate the wrapping paper and gift bags or you can leave it plain like I did here! This is a great way to use up ribbon, tape, and tags without buying new paper!

For those of you unfamiliar with EcoParent, it’s just like it sounds – an approachable parenting magazine focused on more eco-friendly living. You can get 20% off your digital or print subscription with code “lucismorsels”.

DIY Gift Tags

DIY Gift Tag Ideas

Buying to/from tags was the last thing I was buying for holiday gift wrap decor. This year, however, I decided to try my hand at making some own. Actually, making all my own!

I’m actually using scratch paper for these gift tags. You can leave them plain, make a border with a marker, or get creative with fun scissors and cut-outs – whatever you have on hand.

DIY Gift Tags

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