11 Reasons Why I Shop at Nordstrom

Where you shop is important. Whatever your style and reasons are, you choose a brand or company that suits your needs. While I shop at a lot of different stores, my favorite is Nordstrom. Here are ten reasons why I shop at Nordstrom, because I simply can’t narrow it down to one…

Why I Shop at Nordstrom?

1. The biggest reason why I shop at Nordstrom is their fantastic customer service.

In-store, online, and over the phone, their employees are helpful, knowledge, and all around pleasant to work with. I never feel like just a sale and I enjoy that these individuals seem to take pride in what they do and the service they offer.

2. I hate returning products, which means I’m a very picky shopper up front. I feel good about buying things from Nordstrom (online or in-store) because they have a great return policy.

If you’re ever unsatisfied with your purchase, even if you just don’t like it, you can return the product. Other stores have time restrictions or wearing limitations, but Nordstrom does not.

The best example of this comes from my mother. She bought a pair of nice, dress shoes to wear to work. After a short while, she noticed that they squeaked. She kept wearing them because they were so comfortable, but it bothered her.

Back in Nordstrom another time, she commented about the squeaky shoes (that she was wearing) to the person helping us. That person told her to return the shoes and they would replace them right then and there – they still had the same style available.

She’d worn them in for months, but Nordstrom was still willing to take them back because they weren’t up to the quality that they put forth.

3. I also enjoy the consistency between stores. It doesn’t matter if I’m in my local store or across the country, the stores are very similar.

Organization is consistent (e.g. shoes, beauty, and often men on the first floor), products are decently consistent, and the employees are always courteous.

I also like that their in-store cafes have the almost identical menus between stores.

4. Nordstrom carries many products (or very similar products) for a long time.

I find it so frustrating to fall in love with an article of clothing only to find out that the store doesn’t carry that item or brand any more.

Though this isn’t foolproof, Nordstrom carries many of the same brands and products over an extended period of time. Not only do I know what to expect in each department, but I know I can come back should I need something new.

5. Their stores are always very clean and organized. This isn’t just having mopped floors and vacuumed carpets, though they of course have that too.

Rather, Nordstrom displays are tidy and organized. I know if a product is on display somewhere, the rack of more sizes and colors is not far away.

The checkout counters are usually clear of clutter and clothing. Also, their back rooms must be organized because personnel often come back quickly with a product requested or put on hold.

I don’t recall an experience of waiting a long time for an article of clothing or watching the person helping me struggle to locate something.

6. I’ve heard people complain that Nordstrom is too expensive. While they do carry more expensive, higher-end designers and brands, for identical products, Nordstrom is always the same or less than their competitors, even so-called discount companies. So they aren’t more expensive for the exact same item. The price assurance is very comforting.

Does Nordstrom Price Match?

7. Did you know that Nordstrom honors discounts from other stores on identical products. So, if you wanted a wallet and that brand was offering 25% off that week, you could bring in the ad, and, after verification that it’s the exact same product, Nordstrom will also give you a 25% off discount.

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8. Nordstrom also has fantastic social media.

If I weren’t a blogger, I might not care as much about this one, but I think it’s representative of the whole company. Bloggers tend to tag the brands and stores they wear and shop from in their social media to create relationships.

It becomes obvious which brands/companies are and aren’t responding to your efforts to reach out. Nordstrom social media mavens are on top of replying to social media.

They respond to nearly all (if not all) of my tweets quickly, courteously, and professionally. I can always count on a response from their team. It’s something that I cannot begin to put a value on.

9. Even though Nordstrom is a big department store, they sell items from small startups and brands.

I appreciate that while Nordstrom carries large, internationally-known lines of clothing, they also help startup brands get their feet off the ground.

A few great brands I’ve discovered through Nordstrom? 4Sienna (cute dresses and tops) and 54 Thrones (a black owned beauty company)!

10. Their restrooms are always clean and they always have at least one very sturdy hook for your handbag and shopping bags.

This seems like such a small thing, but it’s things like this that are very planned out and maintained. I have a huge pet peeve of public restrooms without a hook for my bag.

I have to hold on to my bag because I don’t want to place it on the floor. And if I have bags from shopping, my issue multiplies.

Having clean restrooms and adequate hooks is really important to me and my shopping experience, furthering my happy experience in their stores.

11. Nordstrom is working to be more sustainable

You can read in more detail about their sustainable efforts here as well as a list of the sustainable brands at Nordstrom and the ever growing clean beauty brands at Nordys. They also carry a selection of B Corp brands!

They’re working to cut back on plastic, carry more sustainable brands, sell in-house brand clothing made from more sustainable materials, and they started the BeautyCycle program to help recycle beauty packaging properly.

Alteration Prices at Nordstrom

One of the perks of being a Nordstrom card holder is the alterations. I love that I can try on clothes and get them hemmed to fit me perfectly all at one place – no need to get to my tailor.

With Nordstrom’s onsite tailoring, you can have any piece fixed to suit you – whether you bought it at Nordstrom or not and whether it’s new or not.

Nordstrom card holders get basic alterations done for free – think hemming a pair of pants or a skirt to fit you just right.

Beyond that, however, the team is able to fix any need you have from hole repairs, and button replacement to taking in the waist or augmenting sleeves.

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