Sustainable Brands at Nordstrom

Sustainable Brands at Nordstrom - Woman in Eileen Fisher Black Tank and Everlane Jeans.

As I started thinking more about sustainability, I struggled (obviously) to find a balance of my love for clothes and my attempts to be more conscious of what I’m buying. I’m slowly finding my happy balance, but it’s all becoming a whole lot easier with things like being able to find sustainable brands at Nordstrom!

After not much digging, I actually came across this article from Business Wire about 32 Brands + Companies around the world committing to a fashion pact to restore biodiversity, stop global warming, and protect oceans – all in style!

Alongside heavy hitters like Burberry, Gap, and Prada, Nordstrom is on the list. If these ten reasons for shopping at Nordstrom weren’t enough, now I have a powerful 11th reason!

Eileen Fisher Top (similar) | Everlane Jeans

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Woman drinking fresh peppermint tea in Eileen Fisher Black Tank and Everlane Jeans.

Let’s be clear that not everything at Nordstrom is sustainable, but they’re working on some of their in-store brands AND they carry a number of very eco-friendly brands…

{a quick note – Nordstrom has been offering a lot of sales recently. Good news – you’ll find lots of great things at good prices. Bad news – things are selling out quickly, so I apologize if something linked below isn’t available in your size immediately}

Sustainable Clothing Brands at Nordstrom

1. Eileen Fisher

I’ve long loved Eileen Fisher. Her styles are certainly on the looser side and while they may have seemed a brand more for older styles, I actually love quite a number of pieces.

And full disclosure – I love that I can order 1-2 sizes down and the items fit loosely. Is that terrible? I don’t think so!

Funny. I’ve read some reviews of her newer items that I LOVE and people who like her looser cuts aren’t fans of the more tailored styles. So just keep your eyes open for various silhouettes.

<<Shop the complete line of Eileen Fisher at Nordstrom>>

Black Shirt & Jeans with Shirt Dress as Jacket

2. Ética

Ética is now my favorite denim brand and, possibly, my favorite brand to have discovered via Nordstrom (with these high waist denim shorts). On the cutting edge of denim design (as well as having great, classic silhouettes), the sustainable denim brand makes high-quality, comfortable, sustainable jeans.

Their whole line is made in ethical factories. Many of their items use organic cotton, recycled materials, and more sustainable raw materials. So good!!

Woman drinking fresh peppermint tea in Eileen Fisher Black Tank and Everlane Jeans.

3. Madewell

Oh Madewell, your t-shirts have my heart! I bought my first Madewell t shirt about 4 years ago and now I have at least 6 that I can think of and will admit too!

Madewell outwardly states that they are working on becoming a more sustainable brand and I’m happy to help support their path. Since not all Madewell products meet Nordstrom’s sustainable brands guidelines, it’s better if you start on their this page and then narrow down by brand.

Here are the items Nordstrom currently carries from Madewell that do meet their guidelines

Sustainable Brands at Nordstrom

4. Reformation

Reformation is all about sourcing threads that are from renewable sources, recycled materials, and that won’t be an environmental problem down the road (i.e. when you’re done wearing it).

Their styles are mostly more feminine with a majority of their silhouettes as dresses. Admittedly some of their items are far too short for me. They have others that are the perfect midi and maxi lengths, however.

Reformation’s return policy used to be a bit restrictive (returns only for store credit), so I do like the idea that you can try out the brand at Nordstrom with their much more lenient return policy if you don’t love the pieces.

<<Shop the complete line of Reformation at Nordstrom>>

Woman on Couch, writing in journal. Sustainable Brands at Nordstrom

5. Veja

And if you need new sneakers… Veja! Veja shoes are made from organic materials with fair trade materials. They have a selection of vegan sneakers (not to mention cute kid shoes too)!

I ran into Veja sneakers as more of the trendy item to wear, so I was excited to find out their focus on the environment! They use recycled plastic water bottles and wild rubber to make the parts of their shoes! Read my complete Veja sneaker review!

<<Shop the complete line of Veja at Nordstrom>>

Moral of the story…these brands make good clothes that aren’t bad for the environment. So don’t fret and look stylish without worry with these sustainable brands at Nordstrom.

Complete list of sustainable and/or ethical Nordstrom brands:

Sustainable Brands at Nordstrom - Everlane, Eileen Fisher, Veja. Reformation

Shop These sustainable brands at Nordstrom

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