what to wear with a leather jacket

Turtleneck and Leather Jacket Outfit for Women

Learning what to wear with my leather jacket took me time. Aesthetically, it isn’t always hard, but the bulk can really be an issue. I basically live in two turtleneck sweaters in cold months – this tan one and an identical, smaller black one (same brand even). I love the contrast of this turtleneck sweater and leather jacket, however!

Winter Outfit for Women

I was ready to take today off. No holiday and no real good reason, it just sounded great to not work yesterday. And I wasn’t unproductive yesterday. I cleaned a little, bought some holiday gifts online, wrapped the two presents I have (I’m embarrassingly behind), and did laundry.

But you know, sitting down at my computer sounded dull. But I’m proud to say that I – obviously – made it through. I threw on this layered turtleneck ensemble, grabbed a tasty coffee, and came back home to sit down and work!

Turtleneck and Leather Jacket Outfit for Women

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Givenchy Sunnies | LAGOS X Ring

Learn about sustainable leather and plant-based leather options.

What to Wear with a Leather Jacket

I shared this turtleneck and blazer outfit last week and asked on Instagram how everyone felt about turtlenecks. As expected, it was fairly evenly divided between loving them and hating them.

I’m convinced turtlenecks are the cilantro of winter fashion. They are loved or hated – there really is not a lot of middle ground!

Anyway, there are basically two things to know about turtlenecks. Some are form-fitting, others (like this one) are looser. Also, every turtleneck has a different “tightness” around your neck. If you aren’t thrilled about the claustrophobic situation, then aim for looser fitting on both accounts.

This turtleneck sweater isn’t confining like traditional turtlenecks. You really want a knit turtleneck sweater to avoid that claustrophobic feeling. And I actually love these types of cozy sweaters because they layer wonderfully under my favorite moto jacket, keeping me warm without having to button and zip up every little place!

You can also try a mock turtleneck sweater. See this knit sweater outfit for inspiration!

Turtleneck and Leather Jacket Outfit for Women

To be fair, thin turtlenecks (light sweaters and shirts) are much easier to layer. They glide easily under outerwear and provide a lovely layer of warmth.

Bulkier sweaters/turtlenecks require looser outerwear to really fit nicely. And, honestly, you want to minimize layers underneath. To fit this sweater into my beloved leather jacket, I only had a tank top underneath. more sleeves underneath create a tightness across my shoulder that can’t be survived!

Turtleneck and Leather Jacket Outfit for Women

Layering Sweaters and Jackets

Since I’m sure a big fan of this kind of layering, I have a few tricks to make it all work so well. Well, one trick in particular. I love pulling the sleeves out at the cuff so you can get a peak of them with the jacket.

It looks fine without this little step, but I think it makes combos like a turtleneck and leather jacket look more like a coordinated ensemble that a random effort to stay warm!

Turtleneck and Leather Jacket Outfit for Women

See more ways to rewear this black leather jacket as well as military jacket outfit ideas for slightly warmer temps!

And you’ll love these outfit ideas for how to layer under dresses in winter as well as this stylish thermal tights outfit! And if you’re looking for a casual situation, check out how to dress up a sweatshirt to look chic and comfy!

Turtleneck and Leather Jacket Outfit for Women

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