Best Body Exfoliator Tools

Beauty Body Tools - Body Plane on Green leaves w. Body Oil Bottle

It seems the number of products that will make my face gorgeous is never ending. And while I’m still on that train to get the skin I want, I’ve recently become (even more) obsessed with body tools. Yep, gadgets that help your skin head to toe (or neck to toe)!

I’ve been dry brushing for years. Besides helping with lymphatic drainage, it’s an important part of exfoliating my sensitive skin

More recently, more brands are starting to offer more tools for the skin all over your body. Our skin in our biggest organ as humans and yet we only pay much attention to the top 10% or so. With that in mind, let’s start thinking about our skin as a whole with good for us clean beauty products and some tools that harken back to ancient rituals.

Beauty Body Tools for Gorgeous Skin

Beauty Body Tools - Dry Brushes Hanging from hook with greenery behind

Dry Brushing for Exfoliation + Cellulite Reduction

I touched briefly above on the wonders of dry brushing. Starting at your feet, brush in small circles toward your heart. You’ll want to do your legs, arms, derriere, and torso.

While dry brushing is the most common method for this, you can also do this practice with a wet brush on skin – it’s less effective but a good way to ease into dry brushing if you’re new to it.

Dry brushes come in short handled brushes (convenient for most of your body), brushes with long handles (great for getting your back and legs easily), and even brushes with no handles at all (giving you more control).

Beauty Body Tools - Body Plane on Green leaves w. Body Oil Bottle

Body Tools for Lymphatic Drainage + Smooth Skin

My foray into body tools beyond my dry brush start with this Esker body plane. Using a plane on your face is becoming more popular and it only makes sense to use it on our bodies as well.

I hemmed and hawed about buying it though until I read the owner Shannon’s personal review of the product. She talked about how disgusting it was to see all the built-up product she scraped off her skin with the body plane. Gross, right?

So I bought it and I LOVE IT! Even without shaving, my skin feels so much smoother after using it. You need to use an oil so the plane glides across your skin. I use apricot kernel oil that I get at the refill store. It’s inexpensive and eco-friendlier than most oils.

The other two body tools on my radar are the allover body roller and this body Mihakka. The body roller functions just like a crystal or jade facial roller, helping to drain your lymphatic system and reduce any swelling. The mihakka is a small handled piece of terra cotta covered with knit, organic cotton that exfoliates your body for smooth skin!

Dehiya has sold the facial mihakka for a while and just launched the body version, which will be a lifesaver in summer with dry tootsies! 

Beauty Body Tools - Sisal Soap Bag Hanging From Shower Knob with Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

Exfoliating Tools for Body Wash + Soap

While all of the above body tools add an extra step to your routine, there are some great exfoliating body tools that don’t require much more work. These items are used to apply your body wash or clean beauty bar soaps, so just add your product and get to washing!

If you use bar soap (it’s WAY MORE SUSTAINABLE), then get yourself a soap mitt. Just put your bar inside and use the bag to apply your soap. I keep my bar of soap in the bag at all times and hang to dry between showers.

I find that Etsy is the best source for soap mitts. Learn how to shop locally on Etsy.

If you use body wash, try a Sisal Wash Cloth. Just put a bit of your wash on the wash cloth and rub your body. Same goes with these exfoliating gloves. Try using the small circular motions from your leg up to get some of that good lymphatic drainage!

Beauty Body Tools - Dry Brushes Hanging from hook with greenery behind

Don’t forget these summer beauty essentials and best practices as well as my go to winter skin products!

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