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I’m rather obsessed with great skincare as you know. And I’m similarly concerned about using great non toxic hair products. But it didn’t occur to me until recently to think about skincare for my scalp and in general hair detox as an important part of my routine!!

Winter tends to make us all a bit more aware of our scalp. Whether it’s flakes or a sensitive/itchy spot, the aridness of winter and the changing climates just gets to be a little too much for that part of our bodies, which is almost always exposed!

But then in summer, I tend to switch up my hairstyles and use a range of products. Unsurprisingly, product buildup in warmer months is hard on hair and makes it almost impossible for your hair to do what it naturally does best. I’ve also found with consistent hair detox products (just two), my hair does what I want it to do better as well.

Hair Detox Products

I use just two hair detox products – one for my scalp and one for my hair. It’s all I need. The scalp one I use once per week probably and the hair one I use every few weeks – not much work at all.

Below are more scalp care products if you need more (I often do in winter), but for product buildup alone, the two following products are all I need.


If you only try one thing, let this scalp scrub be it. This pre-cleanse exfoliant will remove any buildup and impurities on your scalp, making your cleaning and styling fresh and easier! Hefty peppermint fragrance, so don’t leave on. Follow with detox mask (if desired), shampoo, and conditioner.

Hair Detox Mask


This detox mask is specifically for product removal on your hair strands. Think too much product, sunscreen, etc. Besides this detox mask, I also recommend making sure you thoroughly rinse out all products with plenty of water to limit buildup!

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Organic Scalp Care Serums and Oils

When it comes to having a complete skincare regimen, it usually includes a cleanser, a toner, serum, and a moisturizer along with masks or special treatments). My favorite sustainable, non toxic hair company, Innersense, has the complete lineup for your scalp care too – pretreatment, scrub, serum, and moisturizer! Not to mention all their items for keeping your hair happy and healthy.

Scalp Care Products


5 minutes before washing your hair, apply this pre wash treatment around scalp to help remove product buildup, balance natural oils, and restore hydration. This will reduce flakes and itchy dryness. Can be applied at night before washing hair in the morning.

Read about my go to Innersense Shampoo and other favorite products.


Just like a serum does magic to your face, so can a serum works its magic on your scalp. This active serum calms skins to aid with flaking, itching, dryness, and irritation. It also fortifies hair follicles to revitalize roots. Read about the benefits of serums.

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Just like my favorite organic face oil and body oil, scalp oil locks in moisture without overwhelming skin. Properly moisturized skin won’t flake or itch! Hair can also grow more happily in the right environment.

And on the topic of Innersense, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their heavenly scented and perfectly lightweight but effective hair oil! It’s great for all hair types and it’s just amazing!

Favorite Hairstyles

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