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dry weather skincare

It’s officially that time when we all realize winter is a b!t¢h on our skin. Between cold, dry air, rain air, and hot air from heating, you honestly can’t win. You can help, however, with a great dry weather skincare routine!

Not long ago, I would have been looking for thicker, heavier products to moisturize my life. Now, however, I’m a bigger fan of oils and serums that aren’t overwhelming for my skin! I also am worried about more than just my face.

So here is a collection of products for your face, your scalp, your hair, your body, and your hands because dry skin isn’t just a singular problem, is it?! No. It’s life-encompassing!

make your you know what your skin type is before you start building your routine!

Dry Weather Skincare Products

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser


Indie Lee products have been in my collection for years. This brightening cleanser might just be my favorite, however.

Rosehip oil contains a bunch of fatty acids, which makes it a great option for hydrating dry, itchy skin.

It’s also easily absorbed by skin. Instead of using a drying soap and then applying moisturizing oils and serums, I love to start with hydration!

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dry weather skincare


As I get older (or at least as my skin does ;)), I’m finding a few products are very seasonal for me. These Osmia Vital Rose Drops are my first discovery for a dry weather skincare MUST. 

I tried them first in summer and wondered what all the fuss was about. Then I got a dry patch of skin in early winter, applied a few drops to my current serum, and the dry patch went away within a day or so. It’s magic!

The price tag can be eye-opening, but you can add it to any kind of serum, oil, or cream you like – even a drugstore brand that’s much less expensive. It elevates anything to the perfect moisturizer! It’s one of my FAVORITE Osmia skincare products!


A lot of serums claim to help with moisturizing, but nothing has come close to the magic of this peptide serum. Use it nightly after an essence and before your moisturizer of choice. It’s a GAME CHANGER!!

Brightening Serum


If your skin is feeling dull or you’re fighting hyperpigmentation, try a Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C adds a boost to skin, evening skin tone and brightening skin to give you that glow! I’ve never used anything that got results as fast as this serum!

Read all about the benefits of facial serum and the best serums for skin brightening.


We all need the occasional face mask to help recharge (without the full facial). Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is my favorite for just such a task. It hydrates and plumps my skin for a refreshed feel.

This one goes on clearly (hence its possible use as a moisturizer). It can be applied for just 10-20 minutes, left on as a moisturizer or an overnight mask.

It’s also clear so it’s my favorite face mask for international flights! See what else I pack in my international carry on!

dry weather skincare


You might not think charcoal mask when it comes to dry skin, BUT you should. This charcoal mask makes skin smooth and clears congestion. It also primes skin to better absorb any moisturizing products & serums. Use every 2-4 nights as needed!

Check out my favorite Beautycounter products w. reviews!

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Learn about Dermalogica facials and what to expect after a chemical peel!

dry weather skincare


If there’s one thing that drives me crazy all winter, it’s my dry hands.

Lotion is great for the back of your hands, but I find cuticle balms are really what keep my hands completelyhappy!

Try this RMS cuticle balm for great looking hands and nails! It’s also one of the best lip balms out there, so you can double dip (pun-intended) for all your dry skin needs!

Esker Body Wash-dry weather skincare


Esker is one of my favorite clean beauty brands and one of the few focused on your body, not your face!

The body washes and oils come in 3 varieties – clarifying, firming, and restorative.

Take their skin quiz to find out which formula is right for you!

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clean beauty body oil


And probably my all time favorite – the Tammy Fender Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil!!

Most of the time, I us apricot kernel oil from the refill store (see how to shop refill stores and bulk bins), but I periodically indulge in body oils and this has been my favorite of them all.

Oils sound crazy to apply to your skin, but they really pack in the moisture. If you’re new to oils, try mixing them into your body lotion first.

Not only is the glass jar from Tammy Fender more sustainable (and easily reused), the applicator is one of my favorites for oils. It’s easy to use and dispenses without a mess!

Beauty Roller


We’re all obsessed with jade rollers for our face, so why not use them on our body?

This all over roller is made with Xiuyan Jade that’s traditionally believed to promote regeneration, detoxification, and tension relief. Help your body oils soak in with this game-changing tool!

To use, start on your legs and arms, rolling upward toward your heart. You want a firm but not strong pressure to help your lymphatic system.

You’ll love this longer list of body tools as well, including my beloved body plane.

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And then there’s your hair and your scalp! If your scalp is dry and/or suffering from too much product build up, give it a clean start with peppermint enlightenment scalp scrub!

It detoxifies and balances the skin on your head, which suffers through the harsh elements of winter more than most parts of your body!

See more non toxic hair detox products

dry weather skincare


If your hair is struggling with the heat and the cold, try a hair mask.

I replace my conditioner with a hair mask once every 1-2 weeks! It’s super moisturizing and leaves you with a fresh start!

Avoid use too close to your scalp and be sure to rinse out thoroughly!

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See my review of Innersense Hair Products for more information! See which products are also part of my summer beauty routine!

For those dry lips (possibly the biggest need in dry weather skincare), try these natural lip balms and chapstick options!

Looking for a retinol product that won’t be too harsh on your dry skin? Try a natural retinol. I use these more sparingly in dry seasons, but they’re still great and many have a hydrating component as well.

Remember that skin care and beauty is all part of self care! Try making it part of your weekly routine with something like Self Care Sunday!

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