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Samsonite Handbags Review - Encompass Convertible Backpack

Anytime I travel somewhere, especially for longer than a weekend, I want to bring multiple purses. You know, at least my tote and crossbody, but usually one or two more at least grace my packing scene.

Of course that doesn’t include the large bag I need for my carry on. I always pare it down by takeoff because that’s not sustainable for my luggage weight or my travel sanity, but I’m not happy about it.

Samsonite Handbags Review - Encompass Convertible Crossbody

The Samsonite handbags selection recently got an upgrade, however, with the new Encompass line including this convertible tote backpack that can be worn at least five ways! Yep, five…

Samsonite Handbags Review - Encompass Convertible Tote

Samsonite Handbags – Encompass Crossbody Review

Whenever I’m traveling, I HAVE to take a crossbody bag. When you’re walking all day, totes and shoulder bags aren’t always a good idea. A crossbody, however, allows you to be hands-free with room enough for all the essentials!

The foldover top on this convertible bag provides a little more protection from access into the bag, which I love. The bag is also incredibly lightweight, though well made (it is a Samsonite product after all), so you can hold everything you need.

Samsonite Handbags Review - Encompass Convertible Tote

And it’s no surprise that I LOVE the gold hardware. It makes the bag stylishly functional.

Of course you could also just wear this setup over one shoulder for another option. AND you can shorten the straps to make it more of a shoulder bag. So you’re at 3-in-1 already!

Jeans + Plaid Blazer Outfit with Black Backpack

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Convertible Tote

Since we know I love my totes, I’m all about the top handle option. You can see two of the exterior pockets. The front pouch pocket has a smaller interior zipper pocket, a place for pens, and plenty of room for a phone, keys, and sunglasses.

The seemingly small zipper pocket further up is actually pretty deep, spanning nearly to the bottom of the bag! There’s also a flush back pocket that could easily fit a tablet or your travel documents!

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Samsonite Handbags Review - Encompass Convertible Backpack

Encompass Convertible Backpack

And then of course the backpack. I wear my other Samsonite backpack frequently, so I can only imagine how much use I’ll get out of this version. The strap easily attaches to a hidden snap button on the back and it’s adjustable, so you can make it fit to just your liking!

Now if only I was sipping this cappuccino in Italy or France… At least I’m all set with my Samsonite handbags and ready to hop on the plane… If you need me, I’ll be planning our next trip!


If you’re looking for a similarly functional, well-made, and slightly bigger option, the Rowledge backpack is what you’re looking for. It has the front pocket to hold smaller items, the back pocket to slide in a laptop, and a MUCH roomier center pocket to actually hold more items (this original Samsonite one is rather small for any sort of travel). The Rowledge also has the luggage strap, and easily converts into a tote as needed. (there’s also a 25% sitewide sale going on this month)

Samsonite Handbags Review - Encompass Convertible Crossbody

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Samsonite Handbags Review - Encompass Convertible Crossbody

This post was sponsored by Samsonite. All opinions are my own.

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